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Facility Reservations

Reservation Process and Procedures

The CRI Facility Management Team has given priority to reservation requests for the following populations in the given order:

  1. CRI Departmental Programs and Events
  2. SAEM Programs and Events
  3. Recognized Student Organizations (Determined by the Office of Student Activities)
  4. Georgia Southern University affiliated groups
  5. Groups not affiliated with Georgia Southern University

As a Facility Management Team, we will classify your event into one of four tiers listed below. To best accommodate your group and provide a quality experience, please read below before you submit your request.

Event Classifications

Tier 1:

Typically a meeting for an organization or group in one of our existing meeting spaces. These require no special setup and minimal A/V needs.

*Request should be submitted at least two weeks prior to event.

Tier 2:

Typically larger events (100 or less in attendance) which may require minimal equipment setup and no additional special event staff.

*Requests should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the event.

Tier 3:

Typically large events (200-500 in attendance) which require meetings with the Facility Coordinator and/or Graduate Assistant for Special Events. These events involve significant setup, additional staffing, and special equipment needs.

*Requests should be submitted at least one month prior to the event.

Tier 4:

These events require significant planning beyond tier 3 including multiple meetings with the CRI professional staff and coordination with external groups. the event date. Typically very large events which have at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Has at least 500 in attendance
  • Involves multiple spaces inside or outside the RAC
  • Impacts normal daily CRI programs and operations

*Request of this nature should be submitted at least two months prior to the event.

Last updated: 5/2/2023