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Center Founding Professor Publishes New Book

Rick Stapleton Emeritus Professor of Management at Georgia Southern University and the founder of the Center for Entrepreneurial Learning & Leadership, which was originally called the Small Business Institute, has published a new book entitled Business Voyages (Effective Learning Publications).  The book is available from ($38.99 Hardcover; $22.00 Paperback; $3.90 Kindle and iPad).

About the Book

Business Voyages is not a business fairy tale. Much of it really happened. Don’t read this book if you are looking for simple answers and magic formulas. Although the book includes some concepts and techniques anyone should know about people and business, it does not promise success. Business Voyages is problem-oriented, presenting some of the problems encountered by the author and others on their business voyages, while explaining tools and processes anyone can use for analyzing and dealing with inevitable problems that will be encountered in any business world. Business Voyages is also opportunity-oriented, showing the reader how one might embark on a business venture at the right time and place and enjoy the winnings of a successful voyage.

About Rick Stapleton

Richard John Stapleton, PhD, is an emeritus professor of management at Georgia Southern University who taught business policy and business ethics 37 years, who worked 10 years for his parents in their small businesses at Wolfforth, Texas, started from scratch, including a lumber yard and hardware store, farms, ranches, a housing subdivision, a natural gas pipeline installation and service business, a farm irrigation and home water pump installation and service business, and a bank. He started and ran three businesses of his own before returning to academia where he supervised student teams consulting with over 300 small businesses and directed the Georgia Southern University Small Business Institute 18 years. He has published in various media, including 47 refereed articles and 4 books. He lives near Statesboro, Georgia and Franklin, North Carolina with his wife Debbye and their two dogs and two cats.


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