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Virtual Incubator Program (VIP)

Educate. Build. Invest

The “VIP” Virtual Incubator Program is a business development program used to formulate the most profitable course of action for a business to succeed. The VIP program help enterprises set goals, achieve milestones and connect them with valuable resources.

Mission: To increase the successful development of new businesses aligned with a region’s unique areas of opportunities through education, mentoring, and an established sense of community.

Vision: The business enterprise will become a sustainable entity that will contribute to the competitiveness of the local economy.

Value Proposition: Our value to our members is not just office space and amenities. The VIP program is designed to help enterprises overcome resource constraints and the liability of newness by creating ecosystems to pursue perceived opportunities.

  • Educate Entrepreneurs on Business Concepts,
  • Build a sustainable business model and,
  • Invest in their local community.

VIP hones in on four critical areas of a business: they are Business Concepts, Organization, Client Relations, and Operations. Program participants are expected to complete 11 modules within 1-2 years, which will position the enterprise to move into the accelerator phase of business.

Program Entrance Requirement

The Business Innovation Group (BIG) provides services to a wide range of entrepreneurs. To participate in the BIG Virtual Incubator Program, the applicants’ business must meet one of the following criteria:

  • A business start-up, in operation for less than three years.
  • A company that has undergone substantial change in ownership or business model within one year of application date.
  • A home-based business that is ready to transition to a professional environment.
  • A company that will utilize its space at the Incubator solely for the Research and Development of a new and innovative product or service
  • Have a growth mindset.

APPLICATION FEE: A Non-refundable $25 per company. A company must complete a program application and present a current P&L statement if currently in business to apply for the program. Acceptance will be based on business viability and the business’ need for the resources and services provided by the BIG Incubator Program. The application fee will be credited to the member’s first month’s lease payment after approval.

Last updated: 10/19/2023