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Herty is committed to providing the highest level of technical, developmental, analytical, and manufacturing services to our customers.

No matter your size or need, we offer a reliable and proprietary environment and structure that can reduce risk, enhance process and product innovation, accelerate speed-to-market, and deliver industrial-scale demonstrations.

We offer two contractual structures for engagement. The first, and most common, is a Fee-for-Service relationship. This usually consists of a simple purchase order and associated Statement of Work (SOW) that provides a detailed work-plan to be carried out by the Herty staff on your behalf. In this kind of engagement, the Herty staff becomes your hands and our laboratories an extension of your facilities. Since the Herty staff is following your detailed SOW, all results remain fully client confidential and any intellectual property that might result from program tests belongs to you. Key elements of the Fee-for-Service model include:

  • All data remains client confidential
  • All tests are conducted per client specifications
  • Client owns all intellectual property (IP)

An alternative contractual structure is designed for clients that seek to leverage their resources with the experiences and expertise of our staff. In a Cooperative Development relationship the client defines the idea or concept but, unlike the Fee-for-Service relationship, we work cooperatively to deliver product and process innovation. In this Cooperative Development arrangement we are your innovation partner. Should the program produce valuable intellectual property (IP) we will share the IP according to a fair and agreeable framework. Additional incentives can be developed for those clients intent on establishing or expanding operations within the State of Georgia. Key elements of the Cooperative Development Relationship model include:

  • Cooperative development of the program
  • Active participation of the Herty staff to innovate for your economic success
  • Attractive terms so that the client can accrue maximum economic benefit from the program
We are YOUR Center for Advanced Materials Development!

Last updated: 4/20/2021