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CITI Program Online Training

All personnel involved in the research (Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, Faculty Advisor, and data collectors/analyzers), including exempt review projects, must complete training and provide the certificate of completion with EACH new application.  There is no cost for training, but registration is required. You may complete the training in one session or return. After completion of the training courses, you will receive a certificate.

If you have a CITI account at another institution: add an affiliation to Georgia Southern from the link on the Main Menu of your CITI account to receive credit for modules taken at that institution and to utilize the GS electronic systems.  (Do not drop you affiliation with prior institutions or courses taken under that institution will be deleted by the CITI system.  You may have an unlimited number of affiliations.)  Be aware that some institutions have customized their training selections or modules.  Only the standard modules will transfer.

CITI Program Training offers several courses available to Georgia Southern faculty, staff, and students. It is unlikely that you will need to take all of the courses. Read carefully and select the course that matches your application. 

The following  link will ask you questions about your research to determine which training courses you need to take.  This information should be used by the researcher to register for the appropriate training courses.

Training Decision Tree

Instructions for Registering for a CITI account:

Georgia Southern Faculty, Staff, & Students

Non-Georgia Southern Researchers

CITI Log In Links

Georgia Southern Faculty, Staff, & Student CITI Log In

Non-Georgia Southern CITI Log In

Instructions to ink your CITI training record to ORCID


Short video aids to teaching and understanding Research Compliance (You must be logged into your portal for access)

Last updated: 5/8/2023