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Community Engagement Certificate

The purpose of this certificate is to provide students with an opportunity to gain awareness of service activities, engage in community assets, and gain experience that bolsters interpersonal skills and professionalism, while learning about community engagement. Students should complete all the pathways to earn this certificate.

This Badge is designed to familiarize students with community engagement. 

This Badge is designed to give students the opportunity to practice serving in the community.

  • Acknowledge the different types of service one can participate in and how it influences the community partner:

Direct vs. Indirect service

Direct Service Engage with the clientele served by an organization (eg. activities with elderly residents, games with kids, serving meals, etc.)
Indirect ServiceComplete a task for the organization that will benefit the clientele they serve (eg. painting walls, beautification of an area, etc.)

Good vs. Bad Service

Good Servicethe organization is involved in the type of service performed so both parties benefit
Bad Servicegood intention but bad delivery; the service unintentionally hurts or minimizes the organization and their clientele

This Badge is designed for students to reflect on their experience.

  • Reflect on your experience by answering the prompts in this quiz.

Upon completion of all the above items, and receipt of the three Badges, please submit this form to acknowledge your completion and apply to receive the Community Engagement Certificate.

Last updated: 6/21/2023