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Faculty Benefits

Faculty Benefits of Service-Learning

  • My students are energized by using their knowledge and skills in service to our community.
  • Learning retention increases with this heightened engagement.
  • My students are exposed to differing points of view, and the possibility of multiple solutions. They experience the trade-offs and challenging prioritization that often occurs in my field.
  • Class preparation and class discussions both improve.
  • Students who exhibit important character traits such as dependability, responsibility, professional comportment and a helpful nature are readily revealed, and I have an opportunity to acknowledge and encourage these good qualities.
  • I develop relationships with administrators in service organizations who can become partners in my research stream.
  • The students’ investment of time and effort leverages my specific knowledge and skills, increasing the returns on my personal investment to the service organization. Together we contribute more than we could have separately.
  • I build strong relationships with motivated and intelligent students, who I can recruit into my field of study and offer research assistantships and independent study projects.
Dr. Adrienne Cohen talking with Joseph Folsom

Dr. Adrienne Cohen talking with Joseph Folsom about his service-learning project during the Eagle Showcase 2017. Folsom’s project was titled “Psychology in Service: Service-Learning with a Gerontological Focus”.

Last updated: 9/15/2021