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Service-Learning POSTER Guidelines

-Poster submissions must be 3 feet in height and 4 feet in length.

-Posters should be mounted on a foam board or other sturdy backing so it can easily stand on a tripod easel. Tripod easels will be provided; foam board will be provided for the first 20 accepted abstract proposals.

-Required Areas for Posters: 

  • Content: Your name(s); course name, course number; Instructor name; community partner name and mission; purpose of service-learning project;
  • Reflection: Challenges and rewards; What, now what, so what?; Did experience enhance concept from class? Did it challenge or reinforce prior understanding of concepts? Personal growth as result of project; How service-learning enhanced service experience?; Why is there a need for this service?; How did the community partner benefit from this service?
  • Service Activities: Describe activities completed for the service portion of this project (methodology). Any results of the project/research. Impact of service on the community
  • Graphics: Use high quality photos; eye-catching photos; use photos to make presentation visually appealing; use only high resolution JPEG or TIF files; photo release documents
  • References: Adhere to the preferred reference style for your discipline

For more information about the Eagle Showcase, please contact Dr. Urkovia Andrews at or Dr. Padmini Shankar at

Last updated: 4/20/2022