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Case Management

About Case Management

While many students get their needs met through individual therapy, group therapy, and medication management, others students benefit from additional resources at Georgia Southern University or in the Statesboro or Savannah communities.

Case Management is a brief, 30 minute meeting with a member of our Counseling  Center staff who specializes in connecting students with the resources they need. As with all Counseling Center services, this meeting is completely free.

Examples of such needs/resources include:

  • Financial help
  • Alternative or low-cost housing
  • Child Care
  • Transportation
  • Community connection for special interest groups such as military/veterans, LGBTQIAA, individuals in substance use treatment, and more.
  • Mental health treatment not available at the Counseling Center
  • And more!

What will we do during my Case Management appointment?

During your 30 minute appointment with our Case Manager, you will you review your current needs and will likely be provided with personalized suggestions/referral based on your stated needs. If you prefer, your appointment with a community provider can be made with the assistance of the Case Manager during your appointment time. As such, it is important to prepare ahead for your appointment so that you can maximize your time together and get your needs met (see below.)

What should I do to prepare for my Case Management Appointment?

  • Bring a copy of your current insurance information. Some students need to contact their parents for this information, so it is helpful to plan ahead.
  • Make a list of your concerns and prioritize them. For example, what are the top three things that you would like help with during this 30 minute meeting? Finances? Child care? Referral for substance use?
  • Review our On and Off Campus Referral Document to familiarize yourself with resources throughout Georgia. See if any of these resources (at Georgia Southern or near your hometown) are especially interesting to you. Inform the Case Manager of your preferences during your appointment. In addition, here are resource guides for the Armstrong Campus and Liberty Campus.
  • If you may be leaving the Statesboro/Savannah/Hinesville/Georgia Southern area for any reason, please consider what geographic location you would like our Case Manager to help you find resources. The Case Manager is familiar with resources in several Georgia areas and will do her best to assist you.
  • On the day of your appointment, please be on time. Being even 5 minutes late can significantly decrease the effectiveness of your Case Management appointment.

What happens after my Case Management appointment?

  • You will attend your schedule appointment with your new provider as you would, for example, with a typical doctor’s appointment. Contact your new provider’s office for more specific instructions.
  • We also encourage you to follow up with the Case Manager regarding your experience with your new provider outside of the Counseling Center. Having information about such providers helps us to better serve clients in the future. To do so, you may attempt to contact her through the Counseling Center front desk by calling 912-478-5541 for the Statesboro location or 912-344-2529 for the Armstrong location.

Helpful Readings

If you have any questions regarding your Case Management appointment, please call the Counseling Center front desk at 912-478-5541 for the Statesboro location or 912-344-2529 for the Armstrong location.

Last updated: 4/27/2023