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Prospective Members

Interested in joining an organization within the National Pan-Hellenic Council? Here are some valuable tips!

Learn The Basics

  • Before joining a chapter you must attend a convocation session during Fall or Spring semester of the academic year.
  • Attendance at this event is MANDATORY. Failure to attend a session will result in you not being eligible to join an NPHC organization. For more information about NPHC Convocation, click here.

Meet the Requirements

  • Georgia Southern University requires students to have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA, but some organizations requirements are higher. Students interested in joining an NPHC organization must complete at least 12 credit hours prior to joining.
  • Some chapters have additional requirements, therefore, be sure to reach out to the respective organization(s) to see if you qualify for membership.
  • It also helps to have prior leadership experience, community service, involvement on campus, etc. Most organizations will want to see your resume to know that you will represent their organization well, as it is a lifetime commitment.

Do Your Research

  • There is a plethora of information about these organizations including books and websites. Visit their national and local websites and/or social media accounts and look for any publications that discuss the origin and basic tenants of the organization.
  • Be sure to research the history of each organization, learn of their respective membership requirements, purposes, etc. Look for a fraternity or sorority that encompasses the values, goals, and objectives that are most fitting with your own. 

Attend Events

  • Look for flyers and other publicity about programs and service projects that will be hosted by the chapter(s) that you are interested in. Events are most frequently advertised via social media and in the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life on the second floor of the Russell Union. 
  • Your attendance can show your interest in an organization, give you a better understanding of their programs, and allow you an opportunity to make connections with the members.

Get to Know the Members

  • Once you have identified the organization that you are interested in joining, do not be afraid to introduce yourself. Choosing the organization that you would like to join is a serious decision, and one that can be greatly impacted by your interactions and conversations with the members.

Be Prepared

  • Chapters seek new members that have an understanding, genuine appreciation, and respect for the organization. Excellent candidates for membership are those that have researched its history, exemplify its standards and values, have leadership and community service experience, and can be a positive addition to the chapter. 
  • Take a moment to identify the personal experiences, accomplishments and beliefs that you can bring to the chapter as a new member.

Attend an Informational/Interest Meeting

  • An organization’s informational/interest meeting is where the criteria for membership is explained. Informational meetings may be publicized via flyers around campus, social media, and/or a direct invitation from the chapter.

Last updated: 6/14/2022