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LinkedIn Project

Project Basics

The LinkedIn Project documents and records your leadership planning and development at Georgia Southern University. You create your profile throughout your undergraduate career. The reflection components should align with LEAD core curriculum and your participation in programs offered by the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement, as well as other campus/community involvement.

The LinkedIn project is completed as part of the LEAD courses. It serves as an opportunity for students to reflect on what they’ve learned throughout the semester and how they will apply those teachings into their personal and professional leadership development. Through this project, Leaders are also developing a strong and positive online presence through the LinkedIn community. Their work on this will serve as compelling evidence to future employers or graduate schools that you are prepared for professional success.

Project Requirements

Part 1: Emerging Leaders

To start off, you will need to create a LinkedIn profile! If you have already done so, you will get started with the remainder of the steps.

  • Customize your profile: add a professional photo, headline, and biography section
  • Connect with your peers and instructors
  • Include organizations you are a part of
  • Write a reflection post about your experience in LEAD 1000. The post should include: your personal definition of leadership; results of the VIA Character Strengths, 16 Types, and DISC assessments; the 5 Exemplary Practices of Leadership; short and long term leadership goals

Part 2: Team-Based Leadership

In LEAD 2000, you will continue to build the your presence on LinkedIn! As you are completing the requirements for part two of this project, make sure you are updating any information that is out-of-date from part one.

For part two of this project, you should include:

  • Continue customizing your profile: add job experiences, skills, and follow companies related to your professional interests or field of study
  • The Emerging Leaders badge you received from Southern Leaders
  • Write a reflection post about your experiences in LEAD 2000 that includes: how you use your Clifton Strengths and Enneagram results in a team setting, any concepts related to building and leading effective teams that were discussed in class, and your short and long term leadership goals

Part 3: Leading Positive Change

While you will complete this project in LEAD 3000, you will be able to continue to grow your presence on LinkedIn for years to come with a fully updated and complete profile!

Once you get to the third portion of this project, you should have a fully updated and customized profile on LinkedIn. Make sure to make any changes that may be necessary! For Part 3 of this project, you should plan to write a reflection post discussing: emotional intelligence, intent versus impact, and your personal philosophy for leading positive change.

Last updated: 5/19/2023