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Team-Based Leadership

In the Team-Based Leadership tier of Southern Leaders, the name of the game is teamwork! Through the LEAD 2000 course: Collaborative Leadership, Leaders will engage with interactive course materials that focus on important tenants of teamwork including: group development, conflict navigation, working with diverse teams, and building resilient teams. Team-Based Leaders will also have the chance to see these concepts in action through the Leadership in Action project, a group project aimed at helping out in the local community.

Students will engage with these different facets of teamwork and more through the Team-Based Leadership curriculum, which includes:

Leadership in Action Project

During the Team-Based Leadership tier of Southern Leaders, all students will complete the Leadership in Action project. This project is a chance for Leaders to put their teamwork skills to work in order to do something great for the local community.

Team-Based Leadership students will work in teams of 5-6 to complete this project. The aim of their project should be to work with a community partner to complete a service project that fulfills some sort of need in the local community. Previous projects have included: a supply drive for the Eagle Essentials Pantry and work with the Ronald McDonald House in Savannah.

Learning Objectives

After completing the Team-Based Leadership tier, students will be able to:

  • Describe the stages of group development and identify them in a team setting
  • Understand their personal themes of talent and those of others and identify the leadership domains to which those themes belong
  • Apply their understanding of themes of talent and leadership domains to develop effective teams
  • Recognize that to be effective, teams should create inclusive spaces and view diversity as an asset to the team    
  • Discuss how they would apply team members’ strengths to create and inspire a shared vision
  • Illustrate their practice of leadership through team-based activities

Leadership Competencies

Through Team-Based Leadership, students will develop the following leadership competencies (Seemiller, 2014):

  • Group Development
  • Listening
  • Conflict Negotiation
  • Productive Relationships
  • Others’ Contributions
  • Personal Contributions
  • Collaboration

Leadership Certificate

After finishing the curricular and co-curricular requirements for Team-Based Leadership, students will receive a certificate at the end of the year.

Last updated: 5/16/2023