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Advisor Resource Center (A.R.C.)


Welcome to the Advisor Resource Center (A.R.C.). We are excited that you have taken an interest in advising a student organization at Georgia Southern University. The A.R.C. has been developed to provide an easy-to-access hub of information for current advisors and those considering becoming an advisor. Please use the buttons below to access different areas of the A.R.C. If you have any questions about these resources or advising a student organization in general, please feel free to email


Georgia Southern University requires that all recognized organizations have an advisor.  Advisors are full-time members of Georgia Southern University faculty or staff. It is their responsibility to guide the group in accordance with the purposes and ideals of Georgia Southern University and the organization. They should not directly control the group’s programs and activities. The relationship between the advisor and the group will vary depending on each organization and its members. Therefore, the responsibilities and duties of the advisor will vary according to the group’s needs. However, student organization advisors are responsible for attending events and meetings sponsored by their student organization as much as possible. Please note that by approving a space reservation, you are assuming responsibility for the event. The person filling the position defines the role of the advisor in partnership with the student organization. Hopefully, each advisor will become involved in the organization through meetings, planning, programming, and activities.

General Roles:
  • Considerations for Georgia Southern University
  • Guide the group in accordance with the purposes and educational objectives of the University.
  • Supervise the financial procedures followed by the organization in handling its funds.
  • Help increase awareness of both students and staff of the University facilities, events, and personnel.
  • Be familiar with the policies and procedures listed in the University’s Student Conduct Code and the Student Organization Handbook.
Additional Roles:

Advising Techniques

  • Point out issues relating to ideas presented by the officer without imposing bias.
  • If an idea is inappropriate, the advisor should encourage the students to consider other alternatives.
  • Informal meetings are conducive to open and worthwhile discussion.
  • If the officer asks, “What would you do?” or “What do you think?” the question should be rephrased and handed back to him/her.  The advisor is there to assist the officer, but not to solve the problem for the student.
  • The officer should be encouraged to take an occasional chance on some less proven members in delegating authority.
  • The advisor may wish to periodically evaluate the student in his/her effectiveness as an officer.

Responsibilities to the Group

  • Assist the group in filing its annual report, required in order to maintain active status.
  • Have knowledge of all plans and activities of the group.
  • Discourage domination of the group by any individual or small groups.
  • Provide long-term continuity within the group.
  • Assist in the orientation of new officers.
  • Be available to meet with members of the organization or new officers.
  • Be available to meet with members of the organization at their regular meetings.
  • Provide assistance in the planning and evaluation of programs.
  • Attend the group’s programs.
  • Assist the group in setting realistic goals and objectives for the academic year.
  • Promote closer involvement between students, faculty, and staff.
  • Assist the group in abiding by all University policies, procedures, and regulations.

Responsibilities to the Individuals

  • Encourage each individual to participate in and plan group events
  • Assist students in maintaining balance between the academics and extracurricular aspects of student life.
  • Encourage students to accept responsibility for specific parts of the program or event.
  • Help students recognize the importance of their roles in relation to the group’s goals.
  • Help students develop an outside interest while also serving the University community.

What a Student Officer May Expect of an Advisor

    • Assist the group in formulating long-range goals and in planning short-term projects.
    • Serve as a resource for alternative solutions to problems confronting the group.
    • Assist with University procedural matters.
    • Suggest ways by which the group meetings can be improved.
    • Represent the group and its interests in staff and faculty meetings.
    • Assist in evaluating group projects, performance, and progress.
  • Make suggestions that will permit the officers to improve leadership skills.

Advisor Incentive Program

Student Organization Advisors can help their student organization earn Wings points by attending the events listed below throughout the year. Advisor Incentive points are earned between April 1 and March 31 annually.

How to Earn Advisor Incentive Points 2023-2024

Event NameDate/Time/LocationMaximum Points for FallMaximum Points for the Spring
Attend a 2023 Renewal WorkshopApril | Click here for a list of dates and times2
Attend the Minors on Campus Training Wednesday, July 12 | 2:00 – 3:00 pm | via Zoom2
Attend the Mediation and Conflict Management Workshop Tuesday, July 25 | 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm | via Zoom2
Participate in the Fall 2023 Advisor Round Table | Click HERE to register | Click HERE for our topic recommendation formSeptember 20, 2023 | 3:00 pm | via Zoom2
Attend the National Hazing Prevention Week: Why Hazing Happens and How to Prevent It in Your Organization SOLD Workshop | Click HERE to registerSeptember 27, 2023 | 3:00 pm | via Zoom2
Attend the Money Matters SOLD Workshop | Click HERE to registerOctober 11, 2023 | 3:00 pm | via Zoom2
Schedule a 1:1 meeting with the OSA staff to discuss your organizationContact Coleman Bailey for A-L organizations or Cat Bishop for M-Z organizations44
Attend the Renewals and Officer Transitions for Advisors Workshop | Click HERE to registerMarch 20 | 3 pm4
Participate in the Spring 2024 Advisor Round Table | Click HERE to register | Click HERE for our topic recommendation formMarch 25, 2024 | 3:00 pm | via Zoom2
Attend the What Does It All Mean? Understanding Equal Opportunity & Title IX SOLD Workshop | Click HERE to registerMarch 28, 2024 | 5:30 pm | via Zoom2

Last updated: 3/29/2022