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Our Impact on Student Success

We build community.

To build shared understanding and help all members contribute to the Georgia Southern community, we must reach them. Here’s how we’re doing:

  • Almost 2.5 million digital interactions in the year ended May 15, 2022.
  • That includes 2 million “opens” of our email newsletters, an “open rate” of 39 percent. The industry average for news-oriented newsletters is around 18 percent.
  • We also print separate newspapers on an every-other-week schedule on the Statesboro campus and Armstrong campus. Plus a feature magazine on the Statesboro campus.
  • We’ve launched outlets for diversity, equity and inclusion (The Deep Dive) and for
  • We’ve launched outlets for television-style news for social media (Your Newsroom).
  • A universitywide survey found 60 percent of students had read at least one piece of information from The George-Anne Media Group in the previous month. (Office of Institutional Research, 2021). 

What do students learn by participating?

All our student positions promote critical thinking, communication skills and teamwork — the “soft skills” that employers in all fields tell us are very important.

If students pursue a media career, will they find a job?

The media environment has changed dramatically in recent years, but our graduates are finding jobs at mainstream newspapers, television stations, web startups, marketing agencies and business communication departments. You can see some examples at

Last updated: 4/12/2024