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Virtual SOAR

While you may not be able to have a face-to-face SOAR experience, we are committed to ensuring you are ready to join your new community. Our faculty, staff, and student leaders are here for you! Use this site as your guide to prepare for classes at Georgia Southern University.
Welcome to Eagle Nation!

Recorded Videos and Webinars

SOAR Live – June 25, 2020

Portions of the June 25, 2020 SOAR Live have been broken up by topic and posted below. 

Academic Success Center & GS 101

Academic Advising & Getting Your Fall Schedule

How to Pay for College (Financial Aid & Bursar)

Dean of Students’ Office

Student Conduct & Safety

Q&A with Panel of Faculty, Staff & Students

Financial Aid

Student Aid Applications – GSFAPP and FAFSA


HOPE, Zell Miller, and Pell Grant

Student Loans

View and Accept Awards

Financial Aid Eligibility

Military & Veteran Services



Military Benefits

Liberty Campus

Campus Tour

University College Program

Campus Support Services