Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Summer Sessions?
Current Georgia Southern students who are in good-standing, transient students, and newly admitted students can attend Summer Sessions. Newly admitted students should contact the Admissions Office if you are unsure of your eligibility. All others should contact the Registrar's Office with questions.

I am a transient student, so do I have to fill out any extra forms before registering?
Please contact the Registrar's Office to review your course load and fulfill any extra requirements.

How many credit hours can I take this summer?
Undergraduate students can take no more than six hours per term and no more than 12 hours total for the summer. Graduate students should check with their advisor to determine how many hours they can take over the summer.

How do I register for classes?
New students will register for their classes during SOAR, and after advisement, current students can log into WINGS via the portal to register for classes. Graduate students need to consult their advisor for registration information.

How do I get a RAN number?
New students will be given a RAN number during SOAR, and current students will obtain a RAN number during advisement. The RAN number allows you to register for classes.

What is the portal?
MyGeorgiaSouthern is the main website for the students. By logging into, students can access wait lists, news updates, their registration information (WINGS), their e-mail (MyApps), coursework information (GeorgiaView), and other important Georgia Southern-related sites.

Why do I need an Eagle ID number?
Your Eagle ID number allows you to register for classes, pay your tuition and fees, view your schedule and grades and request transcripts. Always have your Eagle ID card with you while on-campus.

I like the name of a course. Where do I find the course description?
If you're looking on the Course Search webpage, by clicking on the course prefix and number (ex: ENGL 4337), a new page will appear with the course description, schedule information, professor information and show how many open seats are available in the course.

How do I check my schedule for the summer?
Log into MyGeorgiaSouthern, and click on WINGS. Then, click on "Student Records," then click on "Registration," then click on "Concise Student Schedule." Select "Summer 2011" from the drop-down menu, and your schedule will appear with time and date information as well as professor information.

In addition to tuition, what University fees do I have to pay in the summer?
If a student takes 4 or more on campus classes for the entire summer semester, they will be charged all the mandatory university fees.

Will I have Financial Aid over the summer?
Depends - please contact your Financial Aid advisor to discuss your eligibility.

Can I park on campus during the summer?
You can purchase a parking permit through Parking and Transportation Services. If you do not wish to purchase a permit, you can park at the parking lot located at the football stadium and ride the bus to campus. If you have a valid parking permit for the 2013-2014 school year, you can park in that designated lot for summer.

Will I be automatically dropped from my class if I never attend?
Yes. If you do not attend the first day of class, you will be dropped from the course. If there is an emergency, please log into the MyGeorgiaSouthern and click on the "Exemption Request Form." Please follow those instructions to hold your seat in the course you will miss.

How do I have a transcript sent to the school I attend during the academic year?
Please log into the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal and click on "WINGS." Click on the "Student Records" link, and then again click on "Student Records." Now, click on the "Request Printed/Official Transcript" link. Follow those instructions and your transcript will be sent to your home institution.

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