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The Eagle Experience

Your Georgia Southern journey begins with The Eagle Experience — a chance for you to dig in from day one and write your next chapter. Through a multitude of events and activities, you’ll meet new friends, learn from accomplished professors, create memories for a lifetime, engage in practical learning, and, most importantly, make our house YOUR house. 

We are here to ensure your college journey — from the classroom to the field and from game days to graduation — is a success. Are you READY for the experience of a lifetime?

The Eagle Experience is a NASPA Award winning program for student transition

Classes begin on August 10, but the action starts sooner!

After their first year*…

88% of new students say that The Eagle Experience helped them transition to Georgia Southern.

92% of students are confident that faculty and staff support their academic success.

86% of students are confident that Georgia Southern was the right choice for them.

79% of students say they belong at Georgia Southern.

*May 2022 survey of new 2021-22 students.

Learn about the Financial Aid Process and the HOPE Scholarship this Summer in Live Webinars!