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What it Means When You Receive
and How to Resolve Them


You may not be ready to take this class.

The course you’re trying to register for requires one or more other courses to be completed first. This error means the system does not see the course(s) on your transcript. If you think this is incorrect, contact your advisor. To find what the pre-reqs are, click on the course in your DegreeWorks audit.

You may also receive this error if you’re attempting to register for eCore for the first time. eCore Information


This class requires another class with it.

Most common with lab sciences, a co-req error means two courses must be registered for at the same time. You can return to the course search and simply select one of each class.


This class is full.

If a waitlist is available for this course, you can add yourself to it. Use the drop-down menu next to the class name, under the error message. Don’t forget to click Submit and then check your GS email often for seat notification!


Registration requires special permission.

Contact the department for the course to request a seat. Include your Eagle ID and an explanation for why you need a seat!


Only students in that program can register.

Students in GS’s online BIS program have certain sections of certain courses reserved for them to ensure they can get their necessary courses. If you would like to be placed on a waitlist for one of these courses, contact your advisor.

These are the most common errors, but not a complete list. Contact your advisor if you have questions about an error message.