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Enhance Your Experience

The Honors College at Georgia Southern University provides an enhanced educational experience.

Connect with a close-knit, supportive community of high achievers, where you’ll perform advanced research, access a broad range of experiential opportunities and receive personalized guidance to shape your future — from scholarships and fellowships to your career or graduate studies.

In addition, robust support for study abroad experiences will give you the opportunity to develop global awareness and job relevant experiences.

Apply to the Honors College

The Honors College seeks scholars interested in research, change agents interested in engaging local and global communities, and individuals seeking to explore their curiosity and express their creativity. There are no minimum grades or test scores required to apply, but admission is competitive.

Meet Our Team

Meet our team of accomplished students, faculty and staff who are here to support your academic success. Join us at a virtual or on-campus visitation event to learn more about the opportunities for students like you.

Find out how our small, tight-knit community with personalized mentorship boosts your success as a student, scholar and leader.


Maximum number of students

In each honors class.


In Honors Scholarships

Awarded each year.


Of honors students

Finish their undergraduate degrees in less than four years.

 Enhanced Learning Opportunities

In transitioning from student to scholar, identify and address important academic and social issues on campus, in our community or overseas. Hone your inquiry skills with our expert-guided undergraduate research program to produce and present an Honors Thesis, jumpstart your graduate studies with Honors Privilege or work with teams of honors students on applied, client-based capstone projects. Learn to lead with hands-on experiential programs in Georgia, take an immersive alternative break or study abroad in Ireland.

Study and Research Abroad at our Wexford, Ireland Campus

Georgia Southern’s historic Wexford, Ireland campus gives you the opportunity to conduct hands-on research, explore the Irish countryside and seaport, educate young students, study health issues, examine Irish geography, learn how business is conducted in Europe and much more.

Scholarship Opportunities

 1906 Scholarship - Full Tuition

The 1906 Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship that provides the amount of tuition for up to eight semesters. This scholarship can be added to the Hope Scholarship or other forms of aid to support the full cost of education.

Additional Funding

Other forms of scholarships and student support are available for both incoming and currently enrolled honors students, including study abroad scholarships, continuing scholarships and funding to support research activities.

“Overall, my Honors experience has opened doors to get involved on and off campus and has pushed me to pursue opportunities I might not have pursued otherwise. I am so thankful to be a part of a community that consistently pushes me towards personal and academic success.”

— Rachel Rubio ‘21

Student Success and Support

Grow a close network of driven and scholarly peers. Live together in a dedicated Living Learning Community or get to know your classmates through student groups. At the same time, our program staff and faculty empower you throughout your studies and support your future endeavors.