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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

People. Purpose. Action: Growing ourselves to grow others.

Our Mission

At Georgia Southern University, our learner-centered culture prepares us to think, lead, teach, and serve. We value collaboration, academic excellence, discovery and innovation, integrity, openness and inclusion, and sustainability. We promote talent and economic development to enhance quality of life through scholarly pursuits, cultural enrichment, student life, and community engagement across distinctive campuses. Our success is measured by the global impact of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Our Values


Georgia Southern University embraces shared governance, teamwork, and a cooperative spirit that shapes our engagement with students, faculty, staff and communities.

Academic Excellence

Georgia Southern University academically challenges students, providing them with the knowledge, experiences, and support they need to develop into productive and responsible citizens.

Discovery and Innovation

Georgia Southern University promotes environments and technologies that encourage and facilitate creative, problem-solving collaborations among students, faculty, staff, and community partners.


Georgia Southern University creates a caring, respectful environment that is deeply committed to ethical decision-making in the spirit of collegiality.

Openness and Inclusion

Georgia Southern University values the diversity of all people, communities, and disciplines with an unwavering commitment to equity and inclusion.


Georgia Southern University is a conscientious steward of resources and supports the well-being of students, faculty, staff, and communities.

Last updated: 2/23/2021