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Simply put, the Center for Irish Research and Teaching (CIRT) cannot operate without financial support from donors and external grants. Over the 25 years since its establishment, it has received just 1% of its funding from the College of Arts and Humanities, the university entity under whose budget line it falls. CIRT maintains six fund accounts at the Georgia Southern University Foundation. Donations to those accounts are generally tax-deductible. The accounts are as follows:

Fund # 0496 — the Irish Studies General Fund, which equips CIRT with most of its day-to-day operating budget.

Fund # 0777 — the Fred and Donna Sanders Fund for Irish Studies Lectures and Performances, which facilitates much of CIRT’s public programming, both on campus and in the community.

Fund #0968 — the Wexford-Savannah Axis Research Fund, which not only furthers scholarly inquiry into the unique historical connection between County Wexford, Ireland, and Savannah, Georgia, but also provides scholarship support to students who study at Georgia Southern University’s Wexford Campus.

Fund #3760 — the Helen Ryan Collins Memorial Scholarship in Irish Studies, which empowers one recipient per academic year with $1,500 in aid; special consideration is given to students from financially less advantaged backgrounds.

Fund #3604 — the Eddie Ivie Scholarship for Study in Ireland, which annually awards $1,200 to a student who has committed to studying in Ireland under the auspices of Georgia Southern University.

Fund #0650 — the Dr. Gary B. Sullivan Irish Studies Scholarship, which is being built to the endowment threshold of $30,000 so that, in each academic year, it will be able to support one student formally pursing the interdisciplinary minor in Irish Studies.

We welcome and value your gift, whatever its size. You can contribute online via the University Foundation’s secure web portal. Use the “Designate My Gift” feature and indicate one of the funds presented above. If you’d like to interact with us, please email Thank You.

Last updated: 7/12/2021