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Join the elevation of excellence.

Welcome to the Office of Research at Georgia Southern University, where creativity meets impact. As a catalyst for discovery and growth, our office serves as the driving force behind transformative research initiatives and economic partnerships that propel our institution and community forward.

At Georgia Southern, research isn’t just a pursuit—it’s a passion. Our vibrant academic community is home to a diverse array of scholars, researchers, and innovators dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making a tangible difference in the world. From groundbreaking scientific discoveries to pioneering advancements in the humanities and social sciences, our faculty and students are at the forefront of ingenuity across disciplines.

But our impact extends far beyond the walls of academia. Through strategic collaborations with industry partners, government agencies, and community organizations, we leverage our research expertise to address real-world challenges and drive economic development in our region and beyond. Whether it’s through technology transfer, workforce development initiatives, or entrepreneurial support programs, we are committed to fostering creative ecosystems that create jobs, fuel economic growth, and enhance quality of life for all.

At the Office of Research, we are proud to be the engine of creativity and progress at Georgia Southern. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of knowledge, unlock new opportunities, and shape a brighter future for our region and beyond.

Research Impact Areas