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The University Records Center at Georgia Southern University is a part of the AVP Finance and Business Services Division. The mission is to provide maintenance, use, preservation, and destruction of records for all departments at Georgia Southern University. The Records Management program at Georgia Southern is the result of the Georgia Records Act of 1972 that requires all state agencies to provide this service.

It is the goal of the University Records Center to provide a program for the systematic control of paperwork and records, whether on paper, microfilm, or computer tape; from their creation through maintenance and use in active and inactive files, including rapid retrieval when needed, to final disposition or archival retention.  The records program is responsible for the safe and secure storage of approximately 10,000 cubic feet of paper records. An average 500 documents are retrieved monthly for various departments on campus by records management staff. It is very important that the originating departments have accurate records when requesting information for retrieval.