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RAC Locker Rental

Lockers are available to patrons who would like to keep their valuables secure while they are at the Recreation Activity Center.

Locks will be removed at closing every day, unless you have an overnight locker which can be rented for the fee listed below.

Semester Locker Rental

Fall, Spring, or Summer Semester

North Locker Room (Near Aquatics Center)

  • Large Locker: $32

South Locker Room (Near Auxiliary Gym and Mind & Body Studio)

  • Large Locker: $22
  • Small Locker: $12

Locks are available for purchase at Member Services for $7.

Day Lockers

Lockers are available to members for daily use (open to close). If these are locked at closing, CRI reserves the right to cut the lock and remove the contents. All contents will be kept in lost and found at the Equipment Issue desk for one week. Locks will not be provided for day lockers, the user must supply their own, or purchase a lock at Member Services.

*The RAC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Last updated: 6/7/2019