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Leadership Development Offerings

The Office of Leadership and Community Engagement offers various workshops and services for businesses and non-profits across the United States to further their professional development.

Leadership Development

We live in an ever changing world and it takes great leaders to keep up. These leaders advocate for change and provide information and support for peers. In this workshop, learn about the national and global trends, keeping up-to-date, and making a difference in your organization.

Leadership can transform an organization to its best or worst state. In this workshop, join us in transforming individuals to thrive where they are through leadership training.

As humans, we’re all emotional creatures. Harness the power of your emotions to be an exemplary leader, with this workshop.

Each of us has our own unique way to express our leadership capabilities. Each of us uses our style to react in predictable ways through different situations. Join us in exploring your leadership style and how different styles on a team express themselves.

Engage in confronting entrenched systems of power, advantage, and identities. We all play a role in these systems, what’s yours?

Leadership Assessment

Each assessment includes individual assessments, individuals debriefing, and team debriefing. This is best for groups who are looking to learn more about themselves and how individuals function within the group.

Successful leaders and team members are emotionally intelligent: they can exhibit understanding and control over their emotions, while recognizing and relating to the emotions of others. What do you think is more important emotional intelligence or cognitive intelligence? Find out your emotional IQ score and how your specific scores impact the team.

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Everyone on the team has a unique set of strengths they use to interact with the world. Find out your personal strengths and learn how to leverage them at anything thrown at you.

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Based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, 16Types looks at your choices and preferences to help you better relate to yourself. Whether you have a common or less common type, it can be helpful to understand how slight variations in preferences and behavior can indicate large differences in how each of us think and interact with our world.

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Based on a plethora of ancient wisdoms, the Enneagram, is ultimately a personality test. It differs from other personality tests by providing additional information about how you function at your best and your worst. In this workshop, learn your and your team’s best, worst, and neutral ways of behaving and thinking.

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DiSC has four dimensions – Dominance, influencing, Supportive, and Cautiousness – to describe human behavior. It focuses on how we communicate with others and recognizing how others communicate to make a more effective team through understanding and recognition of all.

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Although the VIA and CliftonStrengths both assess character strengths, the VIA takes into account what you value. In this workshop, join us in discussing the role values have on character strengths and vice versa.

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Team & Board Development

In connection with CliftonStrengths,

  • Effective Communication


Community Engagement

ABCD flips the normal script and helps individuals and teams look at a community based on what’s there instead of what’s not. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify and utilize what’s already present in your community.

Service is great, but is it enough? Education and learning has an integral part of any service. In this workshop, learn how to combine both without putting strain on the already busy organization staff.

Volunteers come and go, which can leave an organization desiring consistency and losing important knowledge. Community organizations, however, have a lot to offer volunteers in terms of professional development, knowledge, and resources. In this workshop, learn how to leverage assets to keep volunteers.

There’s nothing wrong with volunteering in different communities, yet many times locals have negative feelings towards those there to “help” them. In this workshop, learn the difference between helping and touring, as well as how to avoid pitfalls as a group in a new place.

Meet our Team

Meet our Team

Our team of skilled professionals come from diverse backgrounds and have specific training in public health, environmental sciences, community outreach, assessment, coaching, and improving office environment – among other topics. No matter the reason, we’re ready to assist in your team’s development needs.

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Each workshop is updated and tweaked specifically for your organization. Our team of professional educators provide exceptional teachings, briefings, and assessment coaching. Due to the variability of materials and time needed for workshops, we cannot denote an overall starting price.

Customized workshops are subject to additional charges. Please contact us at least 4 weeks in advance for non-listed workshops.

For additional information, consultation, and pricing contact John Banter ( or call 912-478-1435.

Last updated: 3/18/2022