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Laboratory Video Gallery

Biomechanics Laboratory

AMTI Force Plate Pushups
Y-Balance Upper Extremity Testing
Biodex Balance Stability System
3 Dimensional Proprioceptive Testing Using 6 Sensor Electromagnetic Tracking System

Muscle Performance Laboratory

Cybex 340 Shoulder IR/ER Testing
Cyber 6000 Knee Flex/Ext Testing
Hand-held Dynamometer (HHD) for Muscle Testing-Foot
OKC Perturbation for Shoulder in Supine Position
Shoulder Plyometric Drops/Catches
Vertical Jump Test
Closed Kinematic Chain Upper Extremity Stability Test
Exercise Equipment: Shake Weight & Body Blade
Hand-held Dynamometer (HHD) for Muscle Testing-Hip
Hand-held Dynamometer (HHD) for Muscle Testing-Shoulder
CKC Perturbation of Shoulder in Quadruped Position
Two Leg Jump Test
Shot Put Test

Exercise Physiology Laboratory

Coordination Testing
Metabolic Testing Using Vacumetrics Metabolic Cart
Sense of Effort Testing

Last updated: 3/29/2022