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Department of Clinical Sciences

Hands-On Health Education

Explore health careers at Georgia Southern University’s Department of Clinical Sciences on the Armstrong Campus in Savannah. Offering programs in medical laboratory science and respiratory therapy, the department provides practical skills training in facilities like the RiteCare Center for Communication Disorders and in fully equipped on-campus labs for respiratory therapy, MLS, sonography and radiography. Find your niche in this dynamic environment, whether in physical therapy or medical laboratory science.

Your Future in Health Sciences

Explore a range of health science programs at Georgia Southern’s Clinical Sciences Department. From communication sciences to radiologic sciences, shape your career with our undergraduate and graduate offerings.

Degree Programs

Facility Access

Students pursuing a program in our department have access to the RiteCare Center for Communication Disorders and the state-of-the-art Biodynamics and Human Performance Center.

Access to Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities are also available for students pursuing a degree in the Waters College of Health Professions.

Personalized Instruction

Students are taught in small class sizes for more enhanced one-on-one experience with faculty.

Begin Your Future in Clinical Sciences

$52,679 – $73,386

Average Salaries

Embark on a fulfilling career path with Georgia Southern’s Clinical Sciences programs. Whether you’re drawn to medical laboratory science, respiratory therapy, or radiologic sciences, the department equips you for success. Imagine working with renowned employers like St. Joseph’s/Candler, Emory Healthcare, or Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. You might also find opportunities with HCA Healthcare, East Georgia Regional Medical Center, Wellstar Health System, or even within the State of Georgia. Your journey through these programs can lead to impactful roles in various healthcare settings with salaries ranging from $52,679 to $73,386, readying you to make a difference in countless lives.