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Tactical Athlete Initiative

The Tactical Athlete Initiative is a multi-discipline collaboration providing research, training and support for military, police, fire and EMS workers. Through programs like the Soldier Athlete Human Performance Optimization Program (SAHPO) and the Tactical Athlete Readiness and Preparedness Program (TARP), the Tactical Athlete Initiative has partnered with multiple agencies to reduce the number of injuries and increase readiness and preparedness of tactical athletes.

What is a tactical athlete?

Tactical athletes include populations in military agencies and first responders who require unique physical training strategies aimed to optimize their performance in the field.


Upcoming Events

Peer Fitness Summit

May 2-3, 2024 at Statesboro Campus

Designed to provide attendees with the tools and knowledge to take their program to the next level. Top subject matter experts from the field and academics will lead lectures, round table and hands-on learning experiences focusing on tactical operators’ physical and mental health. The two-day summit will emphasize incumbent and recruit training for first responders and military.

Partnering Hotel 

Holiday Inn Statesboro University Area

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Meet Our Team

Team Lead

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Support Team

Graduate Students

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Partnerships and Sponsors

Make a difference in the lives of those who help save our communities. Donate today to to the Tactical Athlete Readiness and Preparedness program!

Last updated: 3/25/2024