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Are you on track with your degree progress?

To graduate in four years, you will want to take 15-17 hours a semester. Taking summer courses can be a way to help supplement your course load and stay on track to graduate in 4. Below you will find information to help you determine if you are on track with earning your degree and graduation information. Remember, if you have questions or something looks off, reach out to your academic advisor!


DegreeWorks is a tool to assist you seeing how your classes apply to your program of study, but on occasion does contain errors.  If you see something that looks incorrect or have questions about the way your coursework is placing, please contact your advisor.

Graduation Planning with Your Advisor

Once you are a few semesters out from graduation, you will develop a graduation plan with your academic advisor. You can refer back to your graduation plan in Navigate by viewing your notes that your advisor has uploaded. If you ever have any questions or need to adjust your graduation plan, please reach out to your advisor!


Course Choice Matters

The Department of Education is placing an important emphasis on federal financial aid rules that may impact the amount of aid you receive. This may result in the reduction of your scholarships, loans and grants.

Specifically, for federal aid to pay for courses in your major, minor, or other degree requirements, it must be part of your program of study or be necessary to earn the total hours required for your degree.  Taking courses not a part of your program of study could result in receiving less federal financial aid and potentially having to pay for courses out-of-pocket. 

Academic departments determine program requirements and these will be entered in the degree evaluation program called DegreeWorks. If changes need to be made to your audit, you will need to work with your academic advisor to see what courses appropriately place into your program of study.  These adjustments will require approval from academic areas that your advisor will help you obtain.  It is also possible that changes cannot be requested or processed if they are not needed for your program of study. 

Important Reminders:

  • Ensure your major and/or minor are officially declared in your student record. If not, you may do this in your MyGeorgiaSouthern portal.  It is recommended you also meet with your academic advisor to ensure you are enrolling for required courses in your declared program of study.
  • Initial Financial aid awards and cost of attendance budgets are based on the assumption undergraduate students will enroll full-time and graduate students will enroll half-time in eligible courses for fall/spring. Your awards and cost of attendance will be adjusted based on the actual eligible enrolled hours.
  • Not attending or withdrawing from courses may negatively impact your eligibility for current and/or future federal aid.
  • Check your advisement form to make sure you are registering for courses you have been advised to take for the upcoming term. If you have questions regarding placement of a desired course, reach out to your academic advisor.
  • Contact your academic advisor to discuss academic options if your financial aid is reduced due to enrollment in courses not eligible for your declared program of study.
  • Check your WINGS account, MyGeorgiaSouthern dashboard, and Georgia Southern email regularly for messages and updates regarding your financial aid.
  • You can contact Financial Aid by calling, chatting live or scheduling an appointment. Check out their website for more information!

Last updated: 1/12/2024