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Your First Year

Welcome to your first year at Georgia Southern University! We are excited that you have chosen to continue your education with us. You will soon discover that like you, your peers bring with them a wide array of strengths, interests, and life experiences that enrich our university community. Some of you may have previously taken college-level coursework while others will be taking their very first college class this semester. Some students may have recently graduated high school while others may have worked for several years before pursuing a degree in higher education. Regardless of prior experiences, you all share one thing in common: this is your first year at Georgia Southern!

The first year of college is an exciting time full of new experiences and challenges. Our goal is to help all of our first-year students successfully acclimate to life at Georgia Southern. One way we do this is by enrolling all first time freshmen in our FYE 1220 First-Year Seminar course. This course is designed to help students transition to college life while providing support and resources for success.

In addition to FYE 1220, there are numerous resources and services to help set you up for success and maximize your first year experience. One way to achieve this is by working toward gaining competencies in areas fundamental to your academic, personal, and professional growth.

Student Competencies: Goals for First-Year Students

Academic Success

Personal Growth

Health & Wellness

Financial Wellness

Career Development

Inclusive Excellence

For event more resources and opportunities explore some of our campus partners listed below.

Last updated: 7/19/2021