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Your Second Year

Congratulations! You have completed your freshman year at Georgia Southern University! Like many of your peers you may be thinking “now what?” Your second year of college can feel a bit like being in a state of limbo. You are no longer a freshman, but you haven’t quite progressed into major specific and upper level coursework. You may be living off-campus, but you are still surrounded by college students. You’ve made a lot of new friends, but perhaps you are still seeking a cohort of peers pursuing similar interests and goals.

Your sophomore year studies will continue to focus on foundational and prerequisite courses for your degree program. You may also begin taking classes specific to your major and have opportunity to begin building connections with your major faculty. During your sophomore year you will take CORE 2000 Core Capstone. In this course students will make connections among their core curriculum, their career goals, and their external activities, and articulate how these connections inform their understanding of their place in the world.

There are numerous resources and services to help set you up for success and maximize your first year experience. One way to achieve this is by working toward gaining competencies in areas fundamental to your academic, personal, and professional growth.

Student Competencies: Goals for Second-Year Students

Academic Success

  • Begin developing a graduation plan with your academic advisor
  • Join a student organization related to your program of study
  • Learn more about undergraduate research opportunities and gain hands-on experience in your field of study
  • Get to know your major faculty by attending office hours
  • Seek opportunities to maximize your summers through summer classes, internships, co-ops, study abroad, and/or gaining volunteer and shadowing hours

Personal Growth

Health & Wellness

  • Create and maintain healthy habits to promote health, reduce stress, and improve cognitive, physical, and emotional wellbeing
  • Learn wellness strategies for improving sleep while in college
  • Start or join a walking/running club
  • Participate in Mindful Yoga, Adulting 101, Worry Free Wednesdays, and other workshops offered by the Counseling Center and Student Wellness & Health Promotion

Financial Wellness

Career Development

Inclusive Excellence

For event more resources and opportunities explore some of our campus partners listed below.

Last updated: 7/19/2021