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The Regents Center for Learning Disorders

The Regents Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD) at Georgia Southern University is one of three Centers established by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents to provide assessments and resources, and conduct research, related to students with learning disorders. The RCLD offers comprehensive standardized assessments to students with learning problems in order to provide them with a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, to address specific requests for accommodations, and to make appropriate recommendations to facilitate their learning. Students attending any of the public colleges and universities in the state of Georgia are eligible for these evaluations. If you are interested in an RCLD evaluation, please contact your institution’s Office of Disability Services or contact the RCLD directly so that we can facilitate the referral process.

In addition to its individualized evaluation services, the RCLD also supports program and policy development for institutions within the University System by providing consultative services, workshops, and training and assistance to each USG institution’s Office of Disability Services. Additionally, the RCLD provides a unique setting for academic research and clinical training for Georgia Southern graduate students in psychology and related programs.