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Consultations & Workshops


Academic skill consultations are a great way for students to meet with an Educational Specialist one-on-one to discuss an academic skill they want to refine. These can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Time Management
  • Note-Taking
  • Goal-Setting
  • Overcoming Challenges & Setbacks
  • Effectively Utilizing Study Groups
  • Improving Reading Strategies
  • Communicating with Professors
  • Succeeding with Tests

Please refer to the details below for information about how to sign up for a one-on-one academic skill consultation. Note: When scheduling your appointment, please include specifics about the skill(s) you wish to discuss in the comment section.

Academic Skills Workshop Series

We are pleased to offer workshop opportunities to enhance your academic skill set and achieve your goals. These workshops highlight solutions to common challenges such as test-taking skills, note-taking methods, strategies for reading comprehension, developing goals and a mindset for success, and time management. (Our printer-friendly version is linked here.)

DateStart TimeTopicLocation
Wednesday, May 1512:00 p.m.Folio Tips and TricksVirtual: Zoom Link
Monday, June 34:00 p.m.Strategic Note-Taking: “The Cornell Method”Virtual: Zoom Link
Wednesday, June 510:00 a.m.Reading to Comprehend: “The Efficient Reader”Virtual: Zoom Link
Monday, June 101:00 p.m.Developing Goals “A Mindset for Success”Virtual: Zoom Link
Wednesday, June 125:00 p.m.Take Control of Your TimeVirtual: Zoom Link
Thursday, June 2011:00 a.m.What’s Your Learning StyleVirtual: Zoom Link
Wednesday, July 312:30pmConquering Your FinalsVirtual: Zoom Link
Monday, July 93:30 p.m.Take Control of Your TimeVirtual: Zoom Link
Wednesday, July 115:30 p.m.Conquering Your FinalsVirtual: Zoom Link

Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Success

Identifying what is most important, coming up with a strategy to accomplish, and ultimately staying motivated can be a challenge. In this workshop, students will be able to identify what is important, and create SMART goals to succeed for the semester.

Strategic Note-Taking

Examining the benefits, variations, and relevant applications of the Cornell Method. Students will learn how to utilize the Cornell Method to prepare for multiple assignment types and exams. Join us to add another skill that you can use to achieve success.

Communicating with Professors

Students will be able to identify efficient ways to communicate with instructors and staff in an academic setting. They will also practice creating a professional email by applying written communication strategies learned in this workshop.

What’s Your Learning Style?

Students will complete a learning styles assessment. They will be able to identify their learning style and discover their strengths and weaknesses based on style. They will learn strategies to help improve their reading, studying, and note-taking skills based on their learning style. Please feel free to bring your lunch and an electronic device to follow along (laptop, phone, or tablet). A snack will be provided.

Conquering Your Finals

Students will learn how to create a study schedule for finals. With these skills, the student should be able to be more prepared and relaxed when it comes to preparing for any of their tests or exams.

Creating a Weekly Study Schedule using Google Calendar

Students will need access to their Google Calendar. Students will learn how to schedule meetings, events, and/or tasks. They will also learn how to set reminders to sync to their devices. Please feel free to bring an electronic device to follow along (laptop, phone, or tablet).

Reading to Comprehend

Students will learn how to use active reading strategies to improve comprehension and be more efficient readers. Students can leverage these techniques to improve concentration, better prepare for class, increase their understanding of course material, study more effectively, and create study tools for exams.

Improving Mindset: Motivation Matters

Students will learn about growth and fixed mindset. They will complete a self-reflection activity and discover ways that they can improve their motivation inside the classroom.

Take Control of Your Time

Students explore the reasons why they procrastinate and identify ways that they can accomplish more. They will learn strategies on how to organize their time by using a form of time management system and the best ways to prioritize their time.

Study Skills

Students will learn subject-specific study skills and practical strategies for sustained success in the classroom.

Last updated: 5/23/2022