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Group Visits | Armstrong Campus

Due to limited student ambassador availability over the summer, we are unable to offer group visits from early May to late August.

Interested in setting up a group visit for your school or community group?

The Office of Admissions provides group visits for high school or transfer student groups of 10 to 30 students and chaperones. Visits are subject to availability. If you have less than 10 people in your group, please visit our Events Calendar to register for a regular daily visit.

When? Guided group visits are offered Monday-Friday from 12 – 3 PM, by appointment, and based on availability.  Please note that group visits cannot be scheduled at the same time as one of our daily visits (11 AM Monday – Friday, or during any other scheduled events). We are unable to offer group visits from early May to late August due to student ambassador availability. Contact if you require a visit during this time (availability is not guaranteed).

Where? All group tours begin at Victor Hall, home of the Office of Admissions and the Welcome Center. Victor Hall is located on Arts Drive within the beautiful Armstrong campus in Savannah, Georgia.

How? All group visits will begin with a 30-minute info session led by a member of our Admissions team. After the info session, tours are led by Southern Ambassadors on a 1-hour walking tour of the campus. We recommend everyone in the group dress accordingly for the weather.

Request a Group Visit Today

Due to high demand, it is strongly recommended that you request a group visit at least two weeks in advance of your preferred visit date. A group visit request does not guarantee a visit on your requested date, all visits must be confirmed. An Admissions representative will respond within 48-72 hours once a request has been received.

Please note: Failure to abide by the policies and/or meet expectations may affect future visits from your school or organization. Please read through all policies and expectations on the above tabs prior to requesting a group visit. Download and print policies & expectations.

Questions? Contact the Office of Admissions at (912) 478-5851 or


  • Groups are limited to a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 30 students.
  • Groups must have at least 1 chaperone for every 10 students.
  • Group visits are for high school students or transfer students only. Your group must consist of 90% high school or transfer students to be accommodated. We are unable to schedule middle and elementary aged tours at this time.
  • You must notify the Office of Admissions Visits & Events team with any changes to your visit at least 48 hours in advance. Please note: any changes in the number of people attending, as well as times of arrival, may affect the availability of the virtual tour.
  • If a student wishes to film the ambassador during the tour, it must be for educational purposes and be pre-approved. Please contact the Office of Admissions Visits & Events team for the release form that will be signed by both the student and the ambassador.
  • Visits start promptly at their designated time in order to ensure our student ambassadors are able to provide an excellent experience and get to class on time afterward. We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your visit time to provide time for unloading and restroom usage. If a group arrives after the designated tour time, an abbreviated guided tour will be provided.
  • If a group arrives 15 minutes or later after the designated start time, a guided tour will not be provided and a presentation may not be available. Campus maps will be distributed for a self-guided tour.
  • Weather Policy – If the University makes the decision to close due to inclement weather, we will notify you of the cancellation of your visit as soon as possible. Stay up to date on campus closures at Georgia Southern Alerts.


  • The group visit requestor is responsible for sharing all policies and expectations with the day-of-contact for the group, chaperones, and students.
  • Chaperones must stay with the group at all times during the presentation and tour, and are responsible for monitoring the behavior of their students.
  • Please set expectations with students prior to your visit. Students should be respectful toward our student ambassadors and professional staff; as well as our institution, campus, and community. Our ambassadors reserve the right to end a tour at any point due to inappropriate behavior.
  • During presentations and the tour, students and chaperones should have all electronic devices silenced and put away unless they are documenting the experience.
  • Visits are more beneficial if the group comes prepared with questions!
  • Have fun and interact with your Southern Ambassador!

Last updated: 5/2/2023