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Senior Guide for Parents


  1. Meet with High School Guidance Counselor
    • Make an appointment with your student’s high school counselor for you and your student to talk about his or her college plans and review your student’s high school transcript.
  2. Register for ACT or SAT
    • Georgia Southern University reviews both the SAT and ACT test scores for acceptance. Students can take the exam multiple times to achieve the best possible score. We encourage all test scores be sent to the university, even if it’s the first attempt. When making test reservations, be sure to have your student include the following testing codes to have their results electronically sent to Georgia Southern University (SAT 5253, ACT 0830). Use the access code on the student’s PSAT/NMSQT score report to sign in to My College QuickStart™. With this personalized planning kit, you can prepare for the SAT using a study plan based on your PSAT/NMSQT results and explore lists of suggested colleges, majors, and careers.
  3. Attend College Fairs
    • You and your student should plan to attend college and career fairs at the high school or in your area. Visit with the high school guidance counselor for upcoming dates.
  4. Time to Apply
    • Review applications for colleges to which your student will apply. Check important dates; some universities have early dates or rolling admissions. Consult Georgia Southern University Admissions website for important dates and deadlines. Your student shouldn’t wait for test scores and transcript grades to apply for admissions. Each necessary document can be sent in separately, but the process for acceptance can’t begin without an application.


  1. Attend Georgia Southern University Events
    • Georgia Southen Admissions hosts a number of events around the state of Georgia, in Jacksonville, FL, and on campus in Statesboro. These events are commonly called Previews, Receptions, or Open Houses. You and your student should visit your Eagle Info page and the Georgia Southern University Admissions website for upcoming events.
  2. Visit Campus
    • As fall break approaches, take time to schedule an on-campus visit for you and your student. Georgia Southern visit opportunities can be found on the Visit Campus page.
  3. Apply for Scholarships
    • Georgia Southern University has three scholarship interview programs for students who have shown great academic achievement and high school or community involvement and leadership. Deadlines for each program can quickly approach and the scholarship application will also require an essay and letters of recommendation. Encourage your student to devote time, energy, and thought to writing any required essays. Review with your student the Scholarships page and notice there are different requirements and deadline for each program.


  1. Check Application Status
    • Have your student log into their Admissions Status Check page for a list of completed admissions items and review additional items your student will need to complete before enrolling in classes at Georgia Southern.
  2. Search for Private Scholarships and Grants
    • Georgia Southern offers some scholarship assistance for incoming students, but there are several other foundations and federal government scholarships and grants that many students qualify for. Some private applications may require different items, and some a fee, but often times many scholarships go unawarded or are not as competitive because many students don’t take the time to search and apply for them. Does your place of employment or community organizations offer scholarships?
  3. Register for a Personal Identification Number
    • Students applying for Federal Aid and completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must apply for and receive a PIN number. Your student can apply for their PIN online at
  4. Apply for On Campus Housing
    • Georgia Southern University has a live-on requirement for all new entering freshman students. Once accepted for Admissions, your student should then apply for on-campus housing. Georgia Southern has several residence halls and living/learning communities to choose from and room assignments are made based on the student’s housing application date. If your student will be requesting to live with someone, both students need to designate one another on the housing application and should plan to be in the same living/learning communities if choosing one of interest. DO NOT WAIT for your student’s roommate to be accepted before your student applies for housing. The average of both student’s housing application dates will be used to determine room assignment.  March 1st is the priority deadline.


  1. Begin to Prepare for the FAFSA
    • If your child is planning to seek federal financial aid, they will need to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The 2013-14 FAFSA is needed for summer term.  A 2014-15 FAFSA will be required for fall term 2014 and will be applicable through summer term 2015. Completion of a FAFSA is not required for high school students participating in a dual enrollment program through Georgia’s Accel or HOPE Grant programs. However, if your child is currently 18 years of age or will be turning 18 during the term for which financial aid is being requested, they must submit a notarized affidavit and provide acceptable documentation to GSFC to prove lawful presence in the United States at the time they submit their application for dual enrollment.
    • If you don’t plan to file an electronic copy online, download an Adobe PDF copy at
    • If your child is planning to attend a college in Georgia and only wants to seek state financial aid (HOPE/Zell Miller), they can complete the GSFAPPS.  This applications can be submitted through GAcollege411.
  2. Applied for Housing?
    • Last reminder. Your student can continue to apply for housing once accepted for admissions all the way through Spring semester. It’s important to apply early, but some circumstances may require your student to wait until a later day. Don’t forget to have him or her make their housing reservation once accepted.  March 1st is the priority deadline.
  3. Holiday Gift Ideas
    • When thinking about items to get your future graduate, consider the list of permitted items allowed in the residence halls. If thinking about a computer purchase, Georgia Southern’s Information Technology Services has a parents resource page with helpful information. Lastly, consider the necessities. Gaming stations, stereo systems, large flat panel tvs and other high priced items are nice but may not be safe items to bring on a college campus.


  1. Family Income Tax
    • Collect and file your family income tax for the previous year. Income tax on the parent claiming the student as a dependent is necessary to complete the FAFSA.
  2. Complete the FAFSA
    • After January 1, you are eligible to file the electronic online FAFSA application for student aid. You will need to have your income tax information and student PIN number to complete and submit the application.
  3. Check Application Status
    • Have your student log into their Admissions Status Check page for a list of completed admissions items and review additional items your student will need to complete before enrolling in classes at Georgia Southern.
  4. Log Into Your Eagle Info Page
    • You and your student should check your Eagle Info page periodically for announcements and upcoming events.


  1. SOAR
    • Southern’s Orientation, Advisement, and Registration is a program for both you and your student. Several multi-day orientation programs are offered during the summer for your student to be advised and register for classes as well as learn all the important information necessary to ensure a smooth transition into Georgia Southern University. Learn more about SOAR and register for the available date that best fits your student’s summer schedule online with the Office of Orientation and Parent Programs.
  2. Register for Advance Placement Exams
    • If your student has taken AP or Honors level high school classes, he or she may be interested in taking an AP exam for college course credit. Have your student inquire with their high school guidance counselor about opportunities.
  3. Immunization Records
    • Your student must show proof of immunization and return an immunization form to Georgia Southern Health Services before attending SOAR. Immunization forms must be signed by a licensed physician or by a qualified employee of a local Board of Health or Health Department.


  1. Respond to Requests
    • Promptly respond to any requests from Admissions or Financial Aid. Your student may need to provide additional information or you may need to complete financial paperwork. Your student will know what is needed by continuing to check their Admissions Status Check page.
  2. Review the FAFSA or Student Aid Report (SAR)
    • Take time with your student to review the FAFSA or Student Aid Report (SAR) for accuracy. If necessary, correct inaccurate items on the SAR and return to the FAFSA processor. You might seek assistance with this process through the Georgia Southern Office of Financial Aid. You can contact them at 912-478-5413. The Financial Aid website is very informative and can assist you and your student with the financial assistance process.
  3. Visit Campus
    • As spring break approaches, take time to schedule an on-campus visit for you and your student. Georgia Southern visit opportunities can be found on the Visit Campus page. One final Open House opportunity will also be approaching soon.


  1. Final Decision
    • Take time to visit with your student and review all college acceptance offers he or she has received. Encourage your student to make their final decision and notify Georgia Southern of his or her acceptance. This is usually done by paying the Housing room deposit and signing the room assignment contract. Have your student notify in writing (or email) each additional college they have been accepted to that he or she will not be attending.
  2. Financial Aid Award Letter
    • Take time with your student to review their financial aid award letter. Be sure to discuss the terms and conditions that apply to each type of aid offered. If you need to borrow through a Federal Stafford subsidized or unsubsidized loan, visit Financial Aid: Types of Loans for more information.
  3. SOAR
    • Don’t forget to register for Southern’s Orientation, Advisement, and Registration program. This multi-day summer program is required for students and encouraged for parents. Learn more at the Office of Orientation and Parent Programs.


  1. Financial Aid
    • Has your student completed all of their financial aid paperwork and signed all the documents necessary to process aid? Are you aware of your student’s expected aid amount for the upcoming year? Have your student check their Financial Aid status online through the Admissions Status Check page.
  2. Immunization Records
    • Print the immunization form from the Health Services website and make an appointment with the family physician or local Health Department to have the paperwork completed. Have your student return this paperwork to Health Services before arriving on campus for SOAR.
  3. Congratulations: Graduation
    • This is an exciting accomplishment for both your student and your family. Considering gift ideas, review the advice offered in December regarding holiday gifts for seniors.


  1. Send in Final Transcripts
    • After graduation, your student may not consider communicating with their high school administration. However, it is often necessary to contact the high school during the summer to ensure a final high school transcript has been mailed to Georgia Southern Admissions. Students must have an official copy of their final high school transcript on file in order to attend classes in the Fall.
  2. Attend SOAR
    • This is your student’s opportunity to be advised and register for classes. In addition, the entire family will learn more about Georgia Southern and get those final questions answered while on campus.
  3. Create an Online Parent Account
    • Join the Parent Eagle Nation!  It’s free and will help you start to learn more about what services we offer for parents.
    • Once your student has registered for classes, your student will no longer need access to their Admissions Status Check and Eagle Info page. They will be using a new MyGeorgiaSouthern account created at Orientation. You too, can create your own MyGeorgiaSouthern account to access University announcements but also to view your student’s invoice, proof of enrollment, and grades. Create your account online today.
  4. Join the Parent & Family Association
    • Been wondering all summer about what to do with the space in your house vacated by your students’ necessities? (We recommend not making any changes too soon!) You can stay connected with Georgia Southern Parent Programs and gain additional benefits to you and your student by joining the Parent & Family Association. It’s a great way to stay connected with other parents and get additional parent tips to keep you the coolest parent in the eyes of your new college student.
  5. Fee Payment
    • Once your student has attended SOAR and registered for classes, your student will be eligible to log into their new MyGeorgiaSouthern account to make adjustments and review their invoice for Fall semester. You can access your student’s invoice inside your Online Parent Account. Payment of tuition and fees must be received by the first day of class.
  6. Move-In Day
    • Check the University Housing website for your student’s move-in day and time. The campus community gets ready for this exciting day to assist your family with getting moved into the new residence hall room. Your family will be amazed at the efficiency and support provided to make this process an enjoyable experience.

Last updated: 3/9/2022