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Q: What is included in an endowment report?

A: An endowment report includes information about the activities supported by the donor’s fund. For scholarship, fellowship, prize, and professorship funds, the report includes information on the students or faculty members who are being supported by the fund. For buildings and programs, the report will include details on the activities during the past year. All reports demonstrate the impact that your generosity has had on Georgia Southern University.

Q: When will I receive my endowment report?

A: Donors receive endowment reports on an annual basis, usually at the same time each year. Georgia Southern strives to ensure that all donors receive timely reports. If you have not received your report, please contact the Donor Relations office at: 912-478-1702.

Q: How are students chosen to be recipients of scholarships, fellowships and prizes?

A: At Georgia Southern, students are chosen based on how their backgrounds, academic interests, and other qualities match the designation of the given scholarship, fellowship, or prize fund. Georgia Southern works closely with Financial Aid, Admissions and the College of Graduate Studies and more to ensure that student recipients are selected based on the intent of the fund and the wishes of the donor.

Q: Why do I need to go through the Office of Donor Relations to make initial contact with my scholar or fellow?

A: We encourage donors and students to establish relationships with one another. Donor Relations acts as the liaison and establish initial contact to ensure that students have approved the release of their phone number or email. Once contact is established, we encourage donors and students to arrange for ongoing contact.

Last updated: 4/1/2019