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Impact Scholarship

About the Impact Scholarship

Since 1906, Georgia Southern has grown into a robust institution of learning, and as our student population has grown, so have needs-based scholarships for our students. The Impact Scholarship is an opportunity for donors to be connected to our students and provide immediate support in the form of a scholarship, ensuring the retention and progression of the next generation of Eagles.

Who the Impact Scholarship serves

Your Impact Scholarship supports one or two upperclassmen who are on track to graduate, but have unmet financial needs – potentially preventing that student from completing their degree. Donors can select the college or program of their choice, within a limited criteria, that will support a student within that area. 

The Impact Scholarship Commitment

Establishing your own Impact Scholarship is a simple process that consists of a $2,500-$5,000 commitment each year for three consecutive years. The moment your gift is made, a student can be awarded your scholarship as soon as the next semester – providing immediate support at a critical time! Over the three years of your named scholarship, you will have the opportunity to meet your student(s) and see firsthand the impact your gift makes.

How to create your own Impact Scholarship

To learn more about setting up your Impact Scholarship and the benefits of being an Impact Donor, please contact Tajae Francis, or you can click here to schedule a meeting date and time.

Last updated: 3/9/2023