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Ways to Give

The University is thankful to receive your gift, of any size, and it will be used in the way that you designate. Each gift is made as either a restricted gift or an unrestricted gift. Regardless of how you designate your gift, every gift is genuinely appreciated, and every gift will make a major difference.

Restricted Gifts

You may restrict your gift to a particular college, department, or other entity at the University, and you can determine a particular use for the funds within a unit. If you are passionate about a particular area, want to support cutting-edge research in a certain field, or want to make sure future students have an outstanding college experience, the opportunity to direct your gift to the area of your choice is unlimited.

The Impact Scholarship is an opportunity for donors to connect with students and provide immediate support in the form of a scholarship, ensuring the retention and progression of the next generation of Eagles.

Unrestricted Gifts

You may make your gift to a particular college, department, or other entity at the University to be used for the most significant needs at the time the gift is received.


One strength of nationally renowned universities is a vibrant, growing program of perpetual endowments. Endowed funds keep giving forever because only the investment earnings from the funds are expended for designated scholarships or programs. Endowments may be named for oneself, for family members or other desired honorees and may fund scholarships, instructional projects, cultural outreach initiatives, international student activities and more. Endowment funds also continue to grow with added contributions, which in turn generates more income Georgia Southern is able to use to fuel its rise to the next level.

Outright Gifts

Your outright gift of cash, securities or other qualifying asset can go to work at Georgia Southern as soon as it is received. And you can immediately enjoy full income tax benefits.

Every gift is unique, so you will want to consider your individual goals and tax implications when you select the asset for your gift.

One-Time Gift (Cash, Check or Credit)

One-time gifts via cash, check or credit cards are our most popular gift options. Complete this FORM to make gifts to the Georgia Southern University Foundation, Inc. You can also make a gift online at


You can contribute on a personalized schedule by making a pledge, payable during a period of up to five years. Georgia Southern will use your payment when it is received and you will realize the tax benefits of each payment in the year it is made.

The University sends you a receipt for each payment as well as periodic reminders of pledge balances and future payments.


Your gift of appreciated securities – stocks, bonds or mutual funds – can provide significant tax benefits that reduce the net cost of your gift when compared with an equal gift of cash.

Stock not traded publicly may also be donated, although both the donor and the Foundation must exercise greater care in making the gift.

Before making any outright gift of appreciated securities, contact Jennifer Karrh with the Advancement Services Office at

Real Estate

Your gift of real estate can be almost any type of property, including a personal residence, vacation home, farm, undeveloped land or commercial property.

As a donor of real estate, you receive an income tax deduction and can avoid capital gains tax. You also can avoid maintenance costs, property taxes, insurance and other ongoing expenses.

A real estate gift can also simplify your estate plan and free your heirs from the worry of raising cash for potential estate taxes.

You can even donate your personal residence or farm and continue to live there throughout your lifetime. Georgia Southern Advancement staff will guide you through the real estate gift process. At a minimum, an appraisal, an environmental review and a deed are required.

Matching Gifts

If you or your spouse works for a company with a matching gift program, the company may match your gift to Georgia Southern. Employee matches, usually ranging from a 1:1 to a 3:1 ratio, are a wonderful way for you to increase the impact of your support.

To find out if your employer has a matching gift program, contact your employer’s human resources office who will also provide the required forms you will need to take advantage of this employee benefit.

Tangible Personal Property and Gifts in Kind

Collectibles, artwork, equipment, supplies, books and other types of tangible property can be valuable gifts to Georgia Southern. The University uses a wide range of items to carry out its educational mission.

Both the value to the University and your potential tax benefits depend on the use of your gift.

Explore Trusts, Estates & Gift Planning

Like many Georgia Southern alumni, parents, families and friends, GS has played an important and memorable role in your life. Your special planned or estate gift to Georgia Southern is an informed investment for your family and for the University. You may create a unique gift, such as a bequest or charitable trust, that will leave a lasting personal legacy of support for GS’s scholarship, teaching and research as well as allow you to gain financial and tax benefits. We are pleased to offer a variety of resources on our website so that you may learn about creative gift planning arrangements that benefit you as well as Georgia Southern. Your planned gift may:

  • Properly make arrangements for you, your family and loved ones for life
  • Entitle you to charitable income and/or gift or estate tax deductions
  • Enable you to leave a legacy at Georgia Southern

As you plan for your financial and philanthropic future, please consider giving to Georgia Southern. 

Create your legacy gift today

For those who are ready to make this powerful commitment, we have invested in a partnership with FreeWill to provide you a simple, trusted online tool you can use to create or update your legal will today, for free. 

If you prefer to finalize your plan with your lawyer, you can also use FreeWill to document your wishes and make the process more efficient.

Reach out with your questions

We would be delighted to speak with you and your advisors, and to assist you in exploring numerous gift arrangements that may serve your personal financial needs, as well as fulfill your philanthropic goals for Georgia Southern.

Visit Trusts, Estates & Gift Planning

Last updated: 1/10/2024