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Amy E. Potter


Amy E. Potter is an Associate Professor in Geography in the Department of Geology and Geography. Most of her research connects to the larger themes of cultural justice and Black Geographies in the Caribbean and U.S. South where she has conducted extensive ethnographic fieldwork. On the island of Barbuda, Dr. Potter explored the complex relationship between transnational migrants to their common property, while also examining how tourism is transforming Barbudan’s sense of place. Her most recent research examines racialized heritage landscapes in the U.S. South, particularly at plantations and urban house museums.

Affiliate Class:

  • GEOG 5530 Cultural Geography (next offering: Fall 2023)
    • An examination of the world’s diverse cultural landscapes. Emphasis on the connections between social, political, religious and agricultural patterns and the impact of societies on the natural environment.

Last updated: 7/21/2022