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Change of Major information

This page provides information and references for students who are considering changing their major to On Campus or Fully Online Interdisciplinary Studies programs.

It is important to be aware of HOW the BIS is structured – be sure to carefully read the following page most relevant to your interest:

Online BIS Curriculum

On-Campus BIS Curriculum

When changing to a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies major [BIS] you want to be sure you know if you want to study on CAMPUS or as a FULLY ONLINE student.

You have to be sure that you know how the BIS and Online BIS are built.

You have to choose 2  different 18 hour concentrations

and one additional MINOR or one additional CONCENTRATION

so 36+15=51 hours in the major 

or 36+18=54 hours in the major

There are significant differences in the concentrations and minors in the fully online and in the on campus options.

This change of major process can require that a student change their campus if they are moving from a face to face to a fully online campus – the change of campus is done through the Change of Major process.

As you learned above the BIS has concentrations and minors as its basic parts. These are also a part of the process when you change your major to BIS.

More on Changing Your Major to BIS – Be Informed

Click here for a tutorial on how to change your major using the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal. – you MUST be logged in to your MyGeorgiaSouthern portal page to view this information.

Last updated: 4/24/2023