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B.S. in Public Relations

Format: In person on the Statesboro Campus
Credit Hours: 124

The Public Relations major at Georgia Southern University, housed on the Statesboro campus, allows students to gain real-world experience with internships at top-rate agencies and the opportunity to run their own agency. Students hire clients and help plan conferences, design newsletters, and complete public relations campaigns. The Public Relations program incorporates journalism, business, and communication studies courses to prepare students for a variety of careers in the public relations field.

If you are a current student and want information about internships, please click the Departmental Internal Site link in the menu, then click on the Public Relations tab. You can also email Dr. Groover for more information.

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Course Rotation
This course rotation is tentative and is dependent on the availability of faculty. 
The following courses are typically offered both fall and spring semesters each year:
PRCA 3100: Introduction to Public Relations
PRCA 3330: Public Relations Writing
PRCA 3711: Public Relations Practicum
PRCA 4330: Public Relations Research
PRCA 4339: Public Relations Campaign Strategies
PRCA 4711: Public Relations Practicum
PRCA 4791: Public Relations Internship
The following courses are typically offered every fall semester:
PRCA 4332: Public Relations Crisis Communication
The following courses are typically offered fall semesters in odd years:
PRCA/INTS 3333: International Public Relations
PRCA 3335: Non-Profit Public Relations
The following courses are typically offered fall semesters in even years:
PRCA 3331: Corporate Public Relations OR PRCA 4331: Public Relations Firms
Health Promotion
The following courses are typically offered each spring semester:
PRCA 3332: Public Relations Event Management
PRCA 3334: Social Media & Public Relations
PRCA 3339: Public Relations Publications
PRCA 4335: Senior Seminar
The following courses which may be offered during the summer:
PRCA 3100: Introduction to Public Relations
PRCA 4791: Public Relations Internship
An Upper Division Public Relations Elective
Graduation Plan

Bachelor of Science in Public Relations Graduation Plan

Course Descriptions

Semester OneENGL 1101 (3 hrs)
Math (3 hrs)
Humanities course ( 3 hrs)
Traditional lab science course w/lab (4 hrs)
FYE 1220 (2 hrs)
Total 15 hrs
Semester TwoENGL 1102 (3 hrs)
KINS (1 hr)
ENGL 2111 or ENGL 2112 (3 hrs)
Environmental Science w/ lab (4hrs)
HIST 1112 (3 hrs)
IDS 2210 (1 hr)
General Elective (3 hrs)
Total 18 hrs
Semester ThreeOne Math, Science or Technology elective (3 hrs)
POLS 1101 (3 hrs)
COMM 1110 (3 hrs)
KINS (1 hr)
HLTH 1520 (2 hrs)
General Elective (3 hrs)
Total 15 hrs
Semester FourECON 2105 (3 hrs)
HIST 2110 (3 hrs)
COMM 1100—Human Communication or COMM 2330—Communication Research (3 hrs)
General Elective (3 hrs)
JOUR 2331—Intro to Journalism (3hrs)
One Social Science elective (3 hrs)Total 18 hrs
Semester FiveMKTG 3131—Principles of Marketing (3 hrs)
COMM 2332—Media & Society (3 hrs)
FORL (2000 or higher) or Significant International Content Course (3 hrs)
General Elective (3 hrs)
JOUR 3331—News Reporting & Writing (3 hrs)Total 15 hrs
Semester SixGCM 1631– Multimedia or GCM 1321—Desktop Publishing & GCM 1411 (lab) or IT 1430—Web Page Development (3 hrs)
PRCA 2330—Intro to PR (3 hrs)
One theory/law elective course (3 hrs)
MKTG 3132—Principles of Advertising (3 hrs)
General Elective (3 hrs)Total 15 hrs
Semester SevenPRCA 3330—PR Writing (3 hrs)
PRCA 4330—PR Research (3 hrs)
One theory/law elective course (3 hrs)
One media elective course (3 hrs)
Upper division PRCA elective (3 hrs)
Total 15 hrs
Semester EightPRCA 4339—PR Campaign Strategies (3 hrs)
PRCA 3711/4711—PR Practicum (1 hr)
Upper-division COMS course (3 hrs)
Upper –division PRCA elective (3 hrs)
Upper-division departmental elective (3 hrs)
PRCA 4791 or PRCA 4335 (3 hrs)Total 16 hrs

L.E.A.P. Certification

L.E.A.P. is a certification program sponsored by the Georgia Southern University Public Relations Advisory Board available for Public Relations majors at Georgia Southern.  Focusing on four key components, the acronym L.E.A.P. stands for LeadershipExperience in CommunicationAcademics, and Professionalism. Students can achieve certification through earning points in each of these four areas.

Students who complete the L.E.A.P. certification program will receive recognition of this accomplishment on their resume, a post-graduation interview with a Georgia Southern Public Relations Advisory Board member and a certificate. The certification shows potential employers the student went above and beyond what was expected in the degree program, as well as builds his or her portfolio.

“I’ve reviewed hundreds of resumes from recent grads, and Georgia Southern’s L.E.A.P. certification caught my eye. It became a great talking point for the job candidate, and it allowed me to better understand both her past experience and potential as a high performer. I hired her as an intern; today she is one our vice presidents,” Caroline Wilbert, president of The Wilbert Group, one of the largest Atlanta-based PR agencies.

Minor in Public Relations


COMM 2332 – Media and Society (3)

MMJ 2331 – Introduction to Journalism (3)

Minor Program:

COMM 3337 – Mass Communication Law (3)

PRCA 3100– Introduction to Public Relations (3)

PRCA 3330 – Public Relations Writing (3)

PRCA – Upper Division electives with appropriate prerequisites (6 hours)* (Upper Division electives cannot include internship courses)

Alumni Spotlights

We are proud of our alumni!

PRSA Certification in Education for Public Relations

In 2021, the public relations area received Certification in Education for Public Relations (CEPR) from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). This certification is for a six year period. Read more here.

Public Relations Society of American awards Certification in Education for Public Relations to Georgia Southern University

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