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The center is built on the understanding that all aspects of the child’s growth and development are equally important and that children grow and develop at different rates and stages.  With play as the core of the curriculum, experiences emphasize learning as an active process.  Thematic curriculum helps young children achieve higher levels of learning.  Children learn by active engagement with their environment and through social engagement with other human beings. Teachers prepare the environment for children to construct knowledge through active exploration and interaction with other children, adults and developmentally appropriate materials. Learning experiences and materials are real, concrete and relevant to the lives of young children.

Parents are welcome at the CDC at all times

Parent involvement enriches children’s experiences and strengthens the program. We invite and encourage you to actively participate in the program. Participation may take many forms; reading or telling stories, sharing of special interests, participating on field trips and making items for the center.  You are also welcome to simply observe from the observation booth. Each year, a center family social event is planned and all families are encouraged to attend. In addition, each classroom may plan events throughout the year that parents are also invited to attend.

Family Advisory Committee (F.A.C.), a representative group of parents, the center director, and child development faculty and staff meets monthly. Please view the CDC’s calendar/handbook for upcoming meetings during the academic year. The P.A.C. discusses issues relevant to the operation of the center and teacher training of students.

Last updated: 8/17/2023