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Career Development

Career Experience

EAGLE Academy places a strong emphasis on work. Students have the opportunity to intern or work while they are in the program. EAGLE Academy provides support in finding career opportunities such as mock interviews, writing cover letters, and creating a resume. Students are able to apply for student worker positions on campus and get paid for the position. EAGLE Academy students may work on or off campus.

Our goal is to provide students with the resources they need to be successful. During their career experience, Peer Mentors can serve as Career Coaches to help students understand their job responsibilities. EAGLE Academy staff communicate with the student’s supervisor throughout the experience to ensure that EAGLE Academy students are successful in their job or internship.

Career Development

Securing paid, meaningful employment for our graduates is a critical component of the EAGLE Academy vision.  Career exploration and training are driven by each student’s interests and plans for the future.

Career development occurs in and outside of the classroom. Within the Academy, students will explore career options and learn the skills necessary to function in a work environment.  Students will have access to the career services office just as every other Georgia Southern University student.

All students complete internships as part of their program requirements.  At first, the internships will most likely be on campus to provide maximum support as needed.  Beginning in the third semester, students will be placed in local businesses within the community whenever possible to start their transition to full-time employment in an area of their interest.

Students will receive support at their internships in order to help students fully learn the required job tasks and enhance soft skills.  Support will fade so that students are working completely independently.  Support is personalized and based on the student’s skills in the workplace.

Last updated: 9/1/2023