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Eagle Academy Peer Mentors

EAGLE Academy believes the relationship between mentors and students can be beneficial to both parties and help all students gain more from their college experience. Our hope is that all individuals involved with EAGLE Academy gain insight and understanding of the capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

Students will be provided with support from many personnel within EAGLE Academy. All students in the program will be classified as a mentee, meaning they will receive support from mentors or coaches. The program will include the use of peer mentors to support goal setting, academics, and social skills. Peer mentors will meet with their mentee frequently to assist them with setting goals, creating their schedule for the week, and reflecting on goal progress. The mentors will assist students with setting individualized goals that address independent living skills, academic skills, social skills, career development skills, and other individualized skills. Academic mentors will serve as a tutor, study partner, and class peer for the inclusive classes, as needed by mentees. In social settings, mentors will serve as guides for mentees as they transition to a larger college campus and independent living. These social mentors will be able to better relate to students and provide advice for what helped them when they transitioned to college.

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Last updated: 9/2/2023