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Curriculum Studies, Ed.D.

About the Program

The Doctoral Program in Curriculum Studies is unique both in the construction of the Core and Research segments and the diversity of the supporting areas. This program balances survey courses with in depth investigations on topics in Curriculum Studies.

The Program Core provides comprehensive coverage of four critical areas in Curriculum Studies:

  • Power and Schooling
  • History of American Curriculum
  • Philosophies of Education
  • Inquiry and Development of Educational Practice

The Research and Inquiry Core provides a comprehensive introduction and orientation to the wide range of scholarly inquiry extant in contemporary curriculum research. By progressing through this sequence of courses and investigating the assumptions found within the major paradigms of educational inquiry, exploring the quantitative and qualitative research paradigms, and considering the wide range of research possibilities mobilized in the field of Curriculum Studies, the student gains a complete and comprehensive understanding of advanced research.

Electives available in these two areas offer opportunities for in depth study of any number of curriculum issues, theorists, or reform movements as well as deeper and more detailed investigations into research methodologies.

Emphasis areas offered:

  • Cultural Curriculum Studies
  • Learning, Development, and Curriculum
  • Multicultural and Social Justice Education

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Ed.D. Regular Admission Requirements

  1. Complete requirements for a master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. 
  2. Present a minimum grade point average of 3.25 (4.0 scale) in all graduate work attempted (or other appropriate evidence of scholarly aptitude necessary for doctoral study).
  3. International Students who have not earned a degree at an institution of higher education in the United States must also submit the results of the TOEFL Examination.
  4. Submit a personal statement of purpose, not to exceed 200 words, that identifies the applicant’s reasons for pursuing graduate study and how admission into the program relates to the applicant’s professional aspirations.
  5. Submit three (3) letters of recommendation from persons well acquainted with the applicant’s academic and/or professional performance. 
  6. In a four or five-page essay, address the following: 1) Why are you applying to the Ed.D. curriculum studies program? How do you see it different from other programs, such as curriculum and instruction programs? 2) Who are you as an educator? 3) What do you expect to accomplish with an Ed.D. in curriculum studies?
    • Your essay will be evaluated on the following criteria:
      • Understanding the Prompt: Does the essay reflect a readiness to engage in doctoral-level study?
      • Analysis/Evaluation: Does the essay present a thoughtful analysis/evaluation of the questions?
      •  Clarity of Communication: Does the essay reflect clear communication of ideas relevant to curriculum studies?
      •  Format: Is the reference style consistent throughout (APA preferred)?
      • Grammar and writing style: Is the essay well-written? Are there grammatical errors? Is there subject-verb agreement?
      •  Appropriate length: Appropriate length: The essay should be long enough to address all of the content, but should not be wordy or redundant.
  7. Submit a completed “Disclosure and Affirmation Form” that addresses misconduct disclosure, the Code of Ethics for Educators, and tort liability insurance.
  8. Complete an interview, if requested.

*International transcripts must be evaluated by a NACES accredited evaluation service and must be a course by course evaluation and include a GPA. (

Applicants’ credentials will be evaluated by the Ed.D. in Curriculum Studies Admissions Committee in order to identify the candidates in that applicant pool to recommend for admission; admission is competitive. The number of applicants accepted each year will be dependent upon available resources. Applications will be evaluated once per year for Summer admissions. Students seeking a certificate upgrade must identify a concentration (i.e., certification field) on the Ed.D. admission application that matches the field in which they are certified.



Does not admit


Does not admit


March 15*

*The application and all ​​required documents listed on the “admissions requirements” tab​ for the program must be received by the deadline.  If all required documents are not received by the deadline your application will not be considered for admission.

Program Contact Information

Graduate Academic Services Center

Last updated: 11/17/2023