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Educational Leadership, Ed.D. (Online)

About the Program

Format: Online
Credit Hours: 36 – 69
Entry Term: Fall

The Doctor of Education Degree program in Educational Leadership is designed to enhance the experienced school administrator’s leadership skills through: (1) advanced preparation that strengthens decision-making, problem-solving, and leadership skills essential to the management of increasingly complex educational organizations, and (2) engagement in guided field research that develops the inquiry skills necessary for effective leadership and management practice.

The program uses an inquiry approach that employs problem-solving and research skills applicable to multiple problems and issues. The purpose is to generate an inquiry orientation so that participants will learn to solve problems from broad perspectives. Participants identify, diagnose, and define problems, analyze their component parts contextually and systematically, and develop solutions that are immediately applicable and that deal with underlying issues. Experiences over the course of the doctoral program in Educational Leadership become candidate-led, field-based investigations of educational problems and potential solutions.

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership provides two concentration options:
P-12 Educational Leadership
Higher Education Leadership

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Admission Requirements

  1. Select a concentration : Higher Education Leadership or P-12 Educational Leadership
  2. Complete requirements for a master’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution.
    • Higher Education Leadership candidates:
      1. For admission to Stage I, candidates must possess a master’s degree. For admission to Stage II, candidates must possess a terminal degree in a related field.
    • P-12 Educational Leadership candidates:
      1. There is no admission into Stage I. For admission to Stage II, candidates must possess an Ed.S. degree in Educational Leadership or another related field and certification in Educational Leadership – Tier II. 
  3. Present a minimum grade point average of 3.25 (4.0 scale) in previous graduate work.
  4. Submit a current resume or CV that highlights the personal and professional achievements of the applicant.
  5. Submit a personal statement of purpose, not to exceed 1000 words, that identifies the applicant’s reasons for pursuing graduate study and how admission into the program relates to the applicant’s professional aspirations.
  6. Submit a completed “Disclosure and Affirmation Form” that addresses misconduct disclosure, the Code of Ethics for Educators, and tort liability insurance.
  7. Complete a writing sample if requested.
  8. Complete an interview if requested.

*International transcripts must be evaluated by a NACES accredited evaluation service and must be a course by course evaluation and include a GPA. (

NOTE: Meeting admission or qualification criteria does not guarantee admissions.



Final: March 15


Does not admit


Does not admit

*The application and all ​​required documents listed on the “admissions requirements” tab​ for the program must be received by the deadline.  If all required documents are not received by the deadline your application will not be considered for admission.

Program Contact Information

Graduate Academic Services Center

Last updated: 5/15/2024