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Being a graduate student involves more than completing coursework and other requirements.  Becoming a graduate student involves dedication and adherence to policies required by Georgia Southern University, the College of Graduate Studies and the graduate program in which the student matriculates. All graduate students must acknowledge the following Accountability Standards:

Self-Directedness: In order to be a successful graduate student and future professional, you must embrace and develop self-directedness. Taking primary responsibility and ownership for your learning and development fosters a graduate experience that is engaging and prepares you for success. As a member of the Georgia Southern University Graduate Community, you will find that some of your most valued learning experiences involve self-directed projects and peer/professional networking and collaborations.

Deadlines: It is your responsibility alone to make yourself aware of your program requirements, requirements of the College of Graduate Studies and Georgia Southern University. Compliance with all requirements and all deadlines is expected. University-wide deadlines are posted in the academic calendar and the campus calendar. Program-specific deadlines are the purview of the graduate program in which you are enrolled and your Program Director/Coordinator can advise you of these deadlines and program milestones.

Communication: Your student email account is the OFFICIAL means of communication from the University and the College of Graduate Studies. These messages are important and may range from direct requests for information to courtesy reminders of approaching deadlines. You are expected to read these emails and to take appropriate action, as applicable.

Graduate Catalog: The University’s Graduate Catalog is the primary source of information related to program requirements, your Program of Study, and all other policies and process related to graduate education at Georgia Southern University. All graduate students will be held to the standards and policies presented in the Graduate Catalog and unfamiliarity with these policies and processes is not grounds for appeal.

Program Requirements and Program of Study: The requirements for matriculation and completion of the program are included in the University’s Graduate Catalog, are detailed in DegreeWorks, and supplemented by any additional materials provided by the graduate program in which you are enrolled. It your responsibility to know these program requirements and to adhere strictly to the program of study in order to ensure timely completion of the program.

Possessing Professional Identity: Enrolling in a graduate program at Georgia Southern means that you are advancing knowledge and your profession. A professional is one that possesses skills, demonstrates competence, displays responsibility, develops cultural and social sensitivity and etiquettes, and adheres to ethical standards.  Professionalism extends beyond the physical presence, but also the virtual, including the various modes of communication (i.e. telephone, email and mail correspondence). The faculty, professional staff, fellow students and employers will be holding you to the strictest and highest level of professionalism.

Developing a Collegial and Professional Network: Your fellow classmates, faculty, and administration at Georgia Southern University are part of your collegial and professional network.  The College of Graduate Studies urges you to develop this network, as it will become a critical resource, which offers you help in your coursework, professional development and personal support.

Upholding a High Standard of Academic and Personal Integrity:  The University expects you to uphold the highest integrity and take ownership of your own work. Intellectual integrity is the hallmark of all educational institutions; and academic dishonesty is one of the most serious offenses that a student can commit. Ignorance is no excuse for academic dishonesty. More information on academic integrity and policies can be found here in the Student Code of Conduct


Last updated: 6/20/2018