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Georgia Southern University Cookie Recipe Contest

At Georgia Southern, we’re known for our traditions. We’re known for Erk and yellow school buses and Beautiful Eagle Creek. We’re known for the magic that happens when you walk around Sweetheart Circle three times with your soul mate. We’re known for our watermelon cuttings and the tight-knit family that makes up the Eagle Nation.

And if you have the taste, the skills and the determination, Georgia Southern will also be known for your next-level cookie recipe!

Your winning recipe could not only write your name in the chronicles of University history, but you could also win a $500 gift certificate to the University Bookstore.

The Rules

  • To enter, you must be 18 years or older as of Dec. 31, 2017 and a current student at Georgia Southern.
  • Your recipe must be original, unpublished in print or on the web.
  • Your original recipe must use no more than 10 total ingredients, including garnishes.
  • Your recipe must be capable of being prepared in 30 minutes or less, not including baking or cooking time.
  • For full contest rules, click here.

The Prizes

  • Grand Prize: A $500 gift certificate to the University bookstore, an award presented at the Grand Announcement and a featured article in University media.
  • Finalist Prizes: Four finalists will each receive a $150 gift certificate to the University Bookstore, an award presented at the Grand Announcement and a featured article in University media.

Bragging Rights…Forever

In addition to all the accolades and prizes, your cookie recipe will become the official cookie of Georgia Southern University, served at all official University events, forever memorialized in University history, never to be unseated.

So start practicing and crafting your recipes now! The contest will be open for submissions February 1-28, 2018!

Submit Your Recipe

Have your recipe ready in a format you can cut and paste as text — and your university contact email — ready.