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Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physics

Empower Your Future in Science

At Georgia Southern University’s Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Physics, you’ll find comprehensive Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with departments dedicated to providing a solid foundation in scientific principles, practical skills and problem-solving aptitude. 

With state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, engaging and inclusive coursework, and real-world research, our accredited programs prepare you not just for successful careers in biochemistry, chemistry, physics, graduate education, medicine, teaching, and government labs, but also life-long learning in your chosen field.

Explore Our Scientific Studies

Georgia Southern University offers programs in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Physics, catering to both Bachelor’s and Master’s level students. These programs, ranging from magnetic materials in Physics to cancer therapeutics in Biochemistry, offer modern laboratory training with advanced equipment. Additionally, minors in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Physics allow for in-depth study in each area. Engage in these fields to gear up for a career in science or academia.

Degree Programs

State of the Art Instrumentation

The department provides access to advanced instruments including x-ray diffraction, mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance.

Top-tier Faculty and Labs

Our students are taught by nationally recognized faculty in modern laboratories and have the opportunity to work directly with the best scientific equipment available.

Research Opportunities 

Students engage in research directly with our faculty or through internships with our industrial partners, government labs, or other universities often resulting in co-authored publications.

Your Future in Science Starts Here


Average Salary

At Georgia Southern University, biochemistry, chemistry, and physics graduates pursue diverse careers, from physicians and veterinarians to lab managers and senior scientists. Chemistry alumni often head to graduate or medical school or secure lucrative industrial or government positions. Notable alumni include a US Patent Office Supervisory Patent Examiner. Physics graduates excel as Medical Physicists and project managers. Strong industry ties lead to success in organizations like Epicypher, Inc. and Northside Hospital. Graduates average a $66,299 salary, ensuring a rewarding career.