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Faculty and Staff

Will Lynch, Ph.D., Department Chair & Professor of Chemistry

Office: Statesboro Engineering Building, Room 2141C and Armstrong Science Center Room 2604
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John DiCesare, Ph.D., Assistant Department Chair & Professor of Chemistry

Office: Statesboro Chemistry & Nursing Building, Room 2003B
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Biochemistry and Chemistry

Dr. Karelle AikenProfessor, Organic Chemistry
Assistant Dean of Faculty Development, College of Sci. & Math.
Ms. Suzanne CarpenterAssociate Professor, Organic Chemistry
Dr. James CarterAssistant Professor, Biochemistry
Dr. Brent FeskeProfessor, Organic Chemistry,
Associate Dean of Research & External Affairs, Director of COSM Core Research Laboratory,  College of Science and Mathematics
Dr. Delana Gajdosik SchartnerProfessor, Analytical Chemistry, Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Dr. Eric GatoProfessor, Biochemistry
Dr. Michael O. HurstAssociate Professor, Biochemistry
Dr. José A. Jiménez    Assistant Professor, Materials/Physical Chemistry
Dr. Eric JohnsonLecturer
Dr. Jannet KocerhaAssistant Professor
Dr. Brian P. KoehlerAssociate Professor, Assistant Dean of Curriculum and Student Success, College of Science & Mathematics
Dr. Shainaz LandgeAssociate Professor, Organic Chemistry
Dr. Catherine MacGowanAssociate Professor, Chemical Education
Dr. Michele Davis McGibonyProfessor, Biochemistry
Dr. Weihua (Marshall) MingProfessor, Distinguished Chair in Materials Science
Dr. Beulah NarendrapurapuLecturer
Dr. Jeffrey A. OrvisProfessor, Inorganic Chemistry
Ms. Jessica N. OrvisAssociate Professor, Director of General Chemistry
Dr. Tanesha OsbornePrincipal Lecturer
Dr. Clifford PadgettProfessor, Physical Chemistry
Dr. Lea PadgettPrincipal Lecturer, Organic Chemistry, Director of General Chemistry
Dr. Rocio PerezAssistant Professor, Environmental / Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Brandon QuillianProfessor, Organic Chemistry
Dr. Rafael QuirinoProfessor, Organic Chemistry
Dr. Ria RamoutarSenior Lecturer
Ms. Yvonne RoachLecturer
Dr. Abid ShaikhAssociate Professor, Organic Chemistry
Dr. Nathaniel ShankAssociate Professor, Organic Chemistry
Dr. Mark Vincent dela CernaAssistant Professor, Biochemistry
Dr. Mitch WeilandProfessor, Biochemistry
Dr. Christine R. WhitlockProfessor, Organic Chemistry
Dr. Leah C. WilliamsLecturer
Mr. Parker WilliamsVisiting Instructor of Chemistry
Dr. Ji WuProfessor, Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Prosper ZigahVisiting Instructor of Chemistry
Ms. Glenda CorleySenior Administrative Assistant
Office: Statesboro Chemistry & Nursing Bldg. Rm. 2003C
Phone: 912-478-5681
Ms. Sandra FergusonChemistry Laboratory Coordinator
Office: Statesboro Chemistry & Nursing Bldg. Rm. 1222B
Phone: 912-478-5737
Mr. Thomas AndersonLaboratory Supervisor
Office: Statesboro Chemistry & Nursing Bldg. Rm. 1222B
Phone: 912-478-5737
Ms. Anna LawrenceLaboratory Coordinator
Phone: 912-478-6040 

Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Monique AllerAssociate Professor
Dr. Dragos AmarieAssociate Professor
Dr. William BairdProfessor
Dr. Maxim DurachAssociate Professor
Dr. Mark EdwardsFuller E. Callaway Professor
Dr. Clayton HellerProfessor, Planetarium Director
Dr. Delena GatchAssociate Professor, Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation
Ms. Erica HillsnipeSenior Lecturer
Dr. Hau-Jian “Jason” LiuAssociate Professor
Dr. Li MaProfessor
Ms. Donna MullenaxPrincipal Lecturer
Dr. Kelly Patton Assistant Professor
Dr. Anastasia RusinaSenior Lecturer
Dr. Jeffery SecrestProfessor
Dr. Jorge Villa-VargasLecturer
Dr. Xiao-Jun WangProfessor
Ms. Susan HamiltonAdministrative Assistant
Phone: 912-478-5292
Mr. Floyd LeachPhysics Lab Supervisor
Phone: 912-314-4699
Mr. Dillon MarcyPlanetarium & Astronomy Laboratory Coordinator
Phone: 912-478-0129

Last updated: 4/15/2024